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Green Juice & Rat Tails...!

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Hey Loveys,
Happy hump day! I think one of the things I love most about having long weekends is having a short week afterwards. This week, well, these past 2 days have definitely been productive and therefore have flown by before I could even blink my eyes.
I am aware of the fact that lately... well... my blog hasn't been maybe my "first priority". I get that. Life gets in the way. So today I made a vow to myself to make sure I do a normal blog post... you know, where I give you nutritional advice, or tell you what I'm cooking, or what I'm whipping up in the blender. Aren't you so excited already!?!? :)
As you all know, because I've admitted, my diet has been sort of "ass-like" lately. I think this is partly because we haven't done a serious grocery shop in quite some time. I read a quote on Instagram today that said "If you have good food in your fridge, you will eat good food.". Ha. Seems obvious, right? But think about it for a second. How many times have you looked in your fridge and been like "meh.." and gotten some junk food. I do this ALL THE TIME!!!!! I think I'm totally addicted to sweet things now... and I was doing so WELL. Bah!! Needless to say we went grocery shopping after work today and I got a serious haul of fruits and veggies. It was much needed and I feel like my stress level is a bit lower because I know I have a ton of fresh, delicious foods to eat for the rest of the week!
The first thing I did when I got home tonight was whip myself up a nice glass of water. I have been drinking a ton of water lately because on Monday night I got diagnosed with another bladder infection. I've gotten these at least 1x/year since I was like 8 years old. Diabetics are also prone to bladder infections. I know instantly as soon as I start to feel it and I get my ass to the walk-in clinic or the emergency room with a massive water bottle in hand. I've been peeing about 1823 times per day since then. But I wanted to spruce my water up a bit tonight, so I got out my brand new cucumber, sliced about 5 slices of it, and popped it into my glass with some ice, and a fancy green straw to match my cucumber. Check it.
Green Juice & Rat Tails...!
Not only is it so pretty - it tastes AMAZING. Mmm.... so refreshing. I think this is one of my new favorite bevies!
So besides laundry and groceries, one other thing that I put on my To-Do List for this evening was to make some juice! I haven't juiced in about a month, and I was really dying to basically juice anything that I could. Since we made a pit stop at Loblaw's on our way home from work, I decided that I wanted to get ingredients to make some..... wait for it..... GREEN JUICE! Haha.. so typical of me. So that's exactly what I did... and I'm going to share my favorite green juice recipe with you! What I used made me 1 liter of juice in total.
2 apples (I used some form of a red apple)
5 stalks of kale
1/2 of a full sized cucumber
Some sprigs of parsley
A lot of celery. Like... 12 pieces probably (I obviously did not count). **The amount of celery you use in your juice depends on how much you like celery I suppose. It has a very distinct flavor in juices so you have to be a fan or you just won't like it at all.
Juice all that crazy stuff together and voila!
Green Juice & Rat Tails...!
Green juice!! I actually found a bottle that we almost recycled and washed it out really good and stored my green juice in that so I can use it as part of my green smoothie that I'm planning on having for breakfast tomorrow! Healthy food makes me overly excited.. is that weird?
Today instead of going outside for my run, I opted for a run indoors on the treadmill (there's a smog warning in Toronto right now, it's all hazy and humid out, figured inside might be easier on the lungs). My run got off to a fairly good start. In my last post I told you that I'm working on getting my endurance back, so I'm not running at the speeds I used to. I was running at 6.1 and I got to the 9 minute mark which is when I walk for 1 minute, and grabbed my towel to wipe copious amounts of sweat from my brow and then the MOST annoying thing ever happened. The emergency clip fell out of the cup holder, forcing my treadmill to instantly stop and restart. FUUUU($#(@#@*$#*@#!!!!! #fail
I was clearly pissed. But whatever. I restarted the stupid thing and went on my merry way. I do this thing where I run at like 6.1 for 9 minutes (I know, 6.1 is kind of slow but it felt fast for my legs.. ok?) and would walk for 1 minute. I did that twice for a total of 20 minutes and then I decided to kick it up a notch. I wanted to do some intervals. So I ran at 6.5 for 1 minute, 6.6 for 1 minute, 6.7 for 1 minute, walked for 1.5 minutes (I almost died I think) and then 6.0 for 30 seconds, repeated 3 times to bring my workout to a total of 45 minutes (if you include the first 9.5-10 minutes that got erased due to the stupid emergency clip).
Green Juice & Rat Tails...!
The bottom photo is the end of my workout. Like I said on Instagram, tack on another 100 calories, 1 mile and 10 minutes (you can't see the total minutes because it's in countdown mode, but it was at 35 minutes). It was kind of humid in the gym today so I was sweating like a pig. Not ideal when my hair is hanging down my back. I wore my hair in a French braid today with some cute headbands that I have. I didn't think about it when I went for a run, I just switched to a running headband and ran. Ugh - then I came back to my office with literally a rat tail lol. It was so disgusting. My hair was dripping sweat off the end of my braid.... gross as hell lol. I guess that shows that my workout was pretty damn good - don't you think? :) Oh ya - and GO ME for finishing 4.24 miles... that's 6.82 kilometers! More than I've done in a loooong time. I hope I don't feel it too much tomorrow!
Q: What's your favorite way to infuse your water?
Q: Do you ever get the gross rat tail hair after your run? Lol.. please say yes, so it's not only me.

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