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Greek Low-carb Keftedes Bowls with Tzatziki

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

These flavorful lamb meatballs (keftedes) served on a crispy, fresh salad with tzatziki will make your tastebuds sing. If you're not a huge fan of lamb, you can replace it with any other ground meat of choice such as beef or turkey.

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  1. Put the cucumber into a bowl. Add the yogurt, garlic, lemon juice, lemon zest, olive oil, and dill.

  2. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix until combined, then set to the side.

  3. Greek salad

  4. Place the cucumber, cherry tomatoes, green pepper, and red onion in a bowl.

  5. Add the feta, olives, and oregano. Drizzle with olive oil.

  6. Meatballs

  7. Combine all the ingredients for the meatballs in a bowl. Using your hands, form the mixture into 1" (2.5 cm) meatballs (about 33 g/1.2 oz each).

  8. Grease a large skillet with the ghee. Once hot, add the meatballs in a single layer. Cook for about 10 minutes turning with a fork until browned on all sides and cooked through, or until the meat reaches a temperature of 160°F (71°C). Remove from the heat.

  9. For serving

  10. Portion the Greek salad into bowls, add meatballs, and serve with tzatziki on top.


Refrigerate the meatballs and tzatziki in separate airtight containers for up to 4 days.

If you want a thicker tzatziki you can squeeze out the liquid in the grated cucumber before mixing it with the other ingredients.

You could replace the almond flour with coconut flour. Since coconut flour absorbs more liquid than almond flour, you only need 1/3 of the amount.

If you would like to make this recipe egg-free, replace each egg with 1 tbsp olive oil.

Diet Doctor's recipe team has slightly adjusted this recipe to follow our guidelines. You'll find the original recipe in Martina's cookbook, "The Beginner's Keto Diet Cookbook".

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