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Great Online Sailing Film

By Sailingguide

Recently the 64-foot cutter Ocean Watch completed its 28,000-mile circumnavigation around North and South America, a project cosponsored by the nonprofit organization Sailors for the Sea. A key goal of the voyage was to help make the public more aware of issues affecting the health of our oceans, which they promoted at port stops on both coasts of both continents. At the same time, it was a terrific sailing experience for the four sailors aboard, who included Herb McCormick, former editor of Cruising Word magazine, and the guests and scientists who joined them for many legs of the voyage.

Rest of us have the good fortune of being able to enjoy the professionally made 55-minute film of their voyage, Around the Americas, posted online at Sailors for the Sea. The film includes stunning scenery of icebergs and wildlife in the Northwest Passage as well as great sailing footage - a real treat for sailors stuck in their armchairs this winter. I can't recommend it highly enough. And then another sailing movie you might want to consider renting on DVD: the Disney film Morning Light. Read a detailed review here.

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