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Grandma’s 90th Birthday

By Laura @BEBookworm

This past weekend, Chad, Luna and I piled into a rental car to go up north for my Grandma’s 90th birthday party.


Luna trying to get comfy in the back seat. It’s hard being a big dog!

DSC_0475The weather was terrible on the way up. Snow + wind + slippery roads = very unhappy Chad. We made it though.

Grandma's 90th birthdayGrandma knew we were going out for dinner for her birthday but was surprised to see how many members of her family came for it. She got certificates from the prime minister, the queen’s representative, the governor general, her MPP and her MP.

DSC_0478I forgot to take a picture of the DELICOUS lasagna my mom made for us vegans/vegetarians (my cousin and her husband are vegetarian), but it was REALLY good. Good job mom! This cake wasn’t vegan, so I didn’t get to have any, but I took a picture of it anyways.

DSC_0502On Sunday we went out to my uncle’s barn. Chad was getting chummy with Chip. Chip even tried to eat Chad’s coat. I think he was looking for food in his pockets.

DSC_0504A new born baby calf that was born the night before. Mama did a good job cleaning him up.

DSC_0506Frozen Colpoy’s Bay. I haven’t seen it like this in YEARS. Too bad I didn’t have my skates.

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