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Got2b Beach Matt Review

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90
hi everyone,
so some of you may have heard alot of things about the schwarzkopf got2b beach matt spray already, but i love it so much i wanted to do a review on it.
This is brand new out by schwarzkopf, it is basically a salt spray. You can spray it on to wet or dry hair and it makes those natural beach babe waves, like you've spent hours at the seaside and just came back with awsome hair.
On the bottle it says "mermaid look, texturizing salt spray - beachy waves - texturize - body - tousle"
a picture of the new schwarzkopf got2b beach matt
now the sprayer isn't great, its not like a mist of spray which you would expect, its more of a spurt. which does make it harder but you do get used to it. I love to use this straight after ive jumped out the shower and put my got2b guardian angel on, then i spray this everywhere, i scrunch it into my hair to help the waves, then i leave it to dry naturally. It says you can use the hairdryer on it, but i like to dry my naturally. wet hair with schwarzkopf got2b beach matt spray in and scrunched
when my hair is all dry i then spray a little bit more and scrunch it in again. It doesn't leave my hair crunchy or greasy just clean soft and wavy, its amazing. I kind of gave up on salt sprays because it always left my hair crunchy and it would never last in my hair either. schwarzkopf got2b beach matt spray in dry hair with lots of bodybeach wavy hair with schwarzkopf got2b beach matt spray in dry hair
This will last all day, and the body it gives me aswell is incredible, it's like ive got loads my hair then i have, it gives my fringe a nice flick, and makes my hair look amazing without ever having to do anything.
If you go aboard this year, or have amazing weather were you are, this is a must have in your bag! (i wish we would have sunshine in england) xxxx p.s sorry about the unmake-uped face, it was late at night, but you know, a beauty blogger needs a night off to :D

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