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Good Goodwill

By Laurawh77 @travladventurer
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I think that there isn't a thrifter among us who doesn't love a good dive into a brand new selection of clothes, antiques and books from the Goodwill. Goodwill is the saving grace for lovers of cheap vintage and hidden gems among miles of clothing. But whenever shopping in a Goodwill or dropping off a load of old clothes, there is always a certain sense of "good" I feel while doing it, and you should too.
The Goodwill has been a charity since 1935 and it is not only a place where people can get rid of their old stuff but a charity which gives back to its community by creating job opportunities, helping people develop skills for further employment and even helping people who face various other barriers to unemployment find new ways to aid and become a bigger part of their community. Unlike some other clothing shops, while shopping in a Goodwill, you know that even the smallest amount of money spent is going towards something to better the people and places around you.
Good GoodwillA view of the interior of the Goodwill in Toronto
But one of the other perks of Goodwill is the awesome stuff they have in store. Last Friday was Freaky Friday at the location near me, as they were closing, and they had a 50% off everything sale. Although the line up was long to get out, I got a ton of amazing stuff for under 20$! My lovely mother, who is the seamstress that I can never be, was kind enough to help me tailor a few of my finds to fit me just right. This maxi skirt was such an amazing find, and perfect for the fashion this season. It even came with this amazing gold belt which was slightly rusted and felt like an old door knocker. I love frolicking around in the forest in something like this, a long skirt helps shield me from the prickly shrubs along the narrow pathways. Seeing as I was at the cottage and exploring the newly trimmed trails in the forest that my dad made, I threw on some lovely bird accessories to wear while watching the real things fly and chirp around me.
I love being at the cottage on hot weekends like this. Nothing is better after a hike than a dip in the water. Our cottage is being renovated soon and I think this might be the last weekend up there until...well, at least until Easter. Even though I'm not up there much, I always enjoy myself while I'm there and I sure will miss it. What have you guys been up to this weekend? What lovely treasures have you found at your local thrift shops that have made your summer? Lemme know! Love hearing from you all :)

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