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Gold Earrings From Malabar Gold -Loving Them :)

By Priyamaaya @maaya_vpriya
Hey Ladies :)
This post is gonna be on my recent purchase from malabar gold :) I'm really super exited when my parents said ok to them . Actually they went to buy some bangles to my aunt . But having these type of earrings in my collection is a dream :) So .. i called my mom and asked that i'll also join them if they are okay having me with them (hehe because, i'll go on irritate them) Thank god my dad agreed :p
I then jumped and dressed up in less than 15 min (hehe) and headed to malabar jewelers and joined them to purchase my favorite favorite earrings.Then they showed me these earrings ans said they've already selected these ones for me :D
But at first i didn't liked them ..but loved the other earrings .. but when i wore them na.. the earrings with emeralds and ruby stones looked good on me than the another pair of antique earrings with only rubies on .
Then here comes my lovely earrings :D
Gold Earrings From Malabar Gold -Loving Them :)
Gold Earrings From Malabar Gold -Loving Them :)
:D how's it ?? The ones that i liked at first na.. they don't have emeralds in it and also the rubies like hangings at the end . But they have ruby stones on the hanging  in a small diamond shape .. i loved that design totally. But these earrings are also very beautiful. wanna know your opinion on it.. please let me know your words on it :)
P.S : i'll be updating some pics that i took wearing some ornaments on which i didn't  buy , but liked them a lot. :)

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