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Give Ginsburg a Large Gin!

By Davidduff

Yes, indeedy-doody-dandy, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a mere stripling at 81 years of age, has let it be known, via The Hill, that she has no immediate intention of resigning through old age and thus - dread news! - allowing Obama to pick his next stooge.  So give the lady a large gin but ask her, for God's sake, to sip it slowly!  My hope is that the Republicans win both Houses later this year and that they win the presidency in 2016 - and I don't much care who they put up to stand just so long as s/he wins! - but my fervent prayer, as opposed to my hope, is that Ginsburg hangs on in there at the Supreme Court even if she is a batty Leftie of the old order, and that none of the Right-wing Justices fall off the high-bench before Obama has gone.  If she goes after a Republican president has been inaugerated then the Right will have a 6-3 advantage when she does step down.  The worst nightmare case is that one of the 'Righties' falls under a bus and Ginsberg retires gracefully just before Obama departs.  Then America will be stuck with a Left-wing Supreme Court for years. Quelle horreure!

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