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GIS Analyst

Posted on the 04 November 2014 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

Job Title: GIS Analyst

Competition Number: 1027403

As a member of the GIS Information Unit for the Branch, this position reports to the Information Systems Management Analyst and provides professional and highly technical support to operating, planning, analyzing and enhancing the irrigation water management information that resides with the Branch's Geographical Information System (GIS) data warehouse. A thorough understanding of highly technical processes and knowledge of GIS applications is required for this position. The GIS database components associated with this position are essential to a range of Branch program areas related to Alberta Irrigation Rehabilitation Program, irrigation water demand and supply management, watershed management planning, and Irrigation and Farm Water Division GIS requirements. The incumbent must have the knowledge necessary to maintain and implement comprehensive GIS database management systems that support government programs, services, and policy development. The responsibilities of this position contribute to the improved management of agricultural water resources and the growth of an environmentally sustainable agricultural industry.


Responsible for developing, updating and maintaining geospatial products including the preparation of GIS procedures and processes that are required to support Branch and Division business and research program areas.

  • Update and maintain geospatial databases in support of long-term Branch projects and programs.
  • Assemble GIS project files, perform spatial analysis and prepare mapping products that support Division and Branch projects, programs and initiatives.
  • Support business application development by updating and providing standardized GIS database inputs for existing (IDWIMS, IDM) and new applications including web-based mapping application development initiatives
  • Ensure that update edits to the Irrigation District Infrastructure Information System (IDIIS) database are completed within required timelines and conform to database standards so as to support client needs
  • Prepare GIS information to ensure effective functionality of custom developed business applications.
  • Develop and document complicated work flow, analysis and advance software operational procedures.
  • Assist in extraction and integration of information from the IDIIS into the IDWIMS to sustain the Irrigation Rehabilitation Program (IRP) grant funding decision making.
  • Prepare information from the IDIIS for input into specialized irrigation water management tools for projects related to water management planning and Ministry policy analysis.
  • Record work procedures and create information management documents that ensure consistency in the Branch's GIS work processes and maintain the integrity of GIS databases.
  • Liaise with irrigation district personnel as needed to ensure accurate update processes of the IDIIS databases.


Perform advanced technical upgrades and maintenance of complex computer GIS software and data server applications and act as technical resource for GIS initiatives.

  • Identify and implement solutions related to GIS software and server related applications using vendor provided support.
  • Perform necessary functions that ensure highly technical and complex information is managed and adheres to strict database standards.
  • Act as technical resource for information that is continuously being changed and updated in the Spatial Database Management System (SDBMS), ensuring that it conforms to standards required to support projects and custom developed business applications.
  • Provide support and training associated with GIS projects and manage GIS components on remote desktops within the Branch and Division.


Maintain specialized computer program applications associated with geospatial and relational database information that resides within the Branch GIS data warehouse.

  • Conduct quality control verification of GIS database information that is used by the Branch to support major project/program areas including: IDIIS, Irrigation Demand Model (IDM), and Irrigation District Web-based Infrastructure Management System (IDWIMS).
  • Ensure business applications are consistent with ARD IT standards.
  • Work with ARD IT to coordinate migration of file based systems to the corporate SDE environment to ensure continued business application functionality (e.g. IDWIMS, IDM).


Responsible for maintaining web-based map server applications that are specific to Branch program areas to improve and simplify complicated geospatial delivery, accessibility, and information packaging

  • Update and maintain GIS data inputs for web-based mapping applications.
  • Perform regular maintenance and administrative updates associated with web-based map server applications and create knowledge management procedure documentation.
  • Ensure that web-based map server applications remain functional and troubleshoot problems if they arise.
  • Administrate internal and external client access authentication and provide training support.

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