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Ghee Is Making a Huge Comeback in India

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

Ghee Is Making a Huge Comeback in India

Another sign that fat is the new black: ghee (clarified butter used in traditional Indian cooking) is making a comeback as a superfood.

The Times of India: Ghee with Glee

Clarified butter remained India's culinary star for centuries till it was sidelined in the 1980s by vegetable oils because of its high saturated fat.

Obviously, there is quite a lot of evidence nowadays showing that the campaign against saturated fat has been a mistake. The belief that vegetable oils, with a lot of polyunsaturated fat, are superior to saturated fat is simply outdated. It's great that more and more people around the world are starting to recognize this.

Do you use ghee for weight loss / blood sugar / superfood reasons?

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