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Getting Tattooed During Pregnancy

By Urtatu @urtatu
Getting Tattooed During Pregnancy Getting Tattooed During Pregnancy

Getting Tattooed During Pregnancy

If you are planning on getting pregnant, you should be very cautious about the placement of any tattoo near the abdominal area. Not only will the tattoo stretch during pregnancy but also there is no guarantee that the tattoo will go back to its original shape after the birth of your baby.

Be particularly wary of getting any tattoo where the shape is important, such as with symmetrical tribal pieces, or Celtic knots. Even geometric patterns such as a circle could end up looking like an oval (or worse, an irregular blob). A more “giving” image, such as that of clouds, might suit you better.

The Options:

There are two options you might want to consider:

a) Do not get any tattoos around the abdominal area at all, but limit your ink to other parts of your torso;

b) Put off getting your abdominal tattoos until after you have had your children. Obviously, this involves some level of family planning.

Pregnancy Belly Tattoo Getting Tattooed During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Belly Tattoo

The Solution:

The good old Indian Henna tattoos which are kind of not permanent but last for weeks and also would not have any stretch after effects on your belly.

Pregnancy Henna Tattoo Getting Tattooed During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Henna Tattoo

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By Kynlo
posted on 03 December at 06:19
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No reputable tattooist would even CONSIDER tattooing a pregnant woman. It is by far too dangerous, and could actually cause complications such as miscarriage. This article should never have been published without actual research. Please do not advise women to get tattooed while pregnant (on ANY area of their body).