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Getting My Workout In + Daily Errands With Evian Facial Spray

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn

Happy Happy Thursday!

Ever since I got back from Las Vegas this past weekend, i’ve had a completely new mindset of how I want to begin to change my daily routine.

Normally, I just wake up, have my coffee, answer some emails, and get to work, until about 6 pm, oh, and then I go to the gym. I mean everyone has a routine that is semi similar, correct?

Silly day jobs.

While, instead of going to the gym AFTER work, i’ve decided that i’m going to try mornings instead, and see how I adjust to that, because I feel like every single time that I get off work, I am always way too tired to even have the motivation to workout.


In honor of starting my morning workout routines, I recently had the opportunity to partner with Evian Facial Spray.

Not having tried Evian Facial Spray, I was a little hesitant on how my skin was going to react to it.

Not only did Evian Facial Spray wake me up, but I also found out about a few other good things that it does to help keep your skin in the best shape possible.


  • It Preserves skin’s hydration during exercises that can easily dry skin (like Hot or Bikram Yoga)
  • It cools your skin down to keep you going for a longer, more intense workout
  • It washes away sweat that can irritate skin or cause breakouts
  • It removes chlorine or salt water after swimming
  • It tames fly-away hair and locking in moisture post-workout

You can find out more about the many uses for evian Facial Spray at and

Getting My Workout In + Daily Errands With Evian Facial Spray

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