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Getting Heavily Tattooed

By Urtatu @urtatu
Getting Heavily Tattooed Rico Genest Zombie Boy Getting Heavily Tattooed

Getting Heavily Tattooed Rico Genest Zombie Boy

Getting heavily tattooed means tattoos become a part of your life, like a hobby or a collection. There is a whole world out there of tattoos and tattoo paraphernalia. The Internet is loaded with tattoo-related blogs and chat rooms. There is a camaraderie that exists between heavily tattooed people.

When you start to have visible tattoos, you will find that people treat you a little differently. People might stare at you more. Many people will talk to you about your tattoos and even try to touch you. It sounds freaky, but it’s true. If you are polite about it, people will often be very polite back to you. In some circumstances, you may find that people are more timid and stand-offish. This usually happens in small-town situations where there isn’t a local tattoo shop and the attitudes toward tattoos haven’t evolved. In the end, if you want to be heavily tattooed, it’s your choice, and what other people think shouldn’t matter.

Here is a video of Rico Gneest, The Zombie Boy telling his life stare as a heavily tattooed guy.

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