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Get the Look: Lucy Liu in Elementary

By Savoir_style @Savoir_Style
I loved Lucy Liu's look in today's episode of Elementary. I am so hooked to the series. About Lucy's look, Some might think there is a lot of color clash going on with the look. I, for some reason, like it. I would not however, wear those boots with that outfit. Shoes do make all the difference, Don't they and also confidence. She looks so confident in the outfit.
Get the Look: Lucy Liu in Elementary
Here is how I would style the burgundy skirt
Lucy Liu's Look in Elementary
Cardigan Top Skirt Locket Bracelet Bag Booties Leggings
What do you think of Lucy's look? Are you people hooked to Elementary the same way that I am? Let me know through your comments. Have G-R-E-A-T Friday you guys! 
xx Seepz

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By Lorirene
posted on 11 February at 01:56
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I really looked that same D shaped bracelet Lucy Liu was wearing. Who makes it , please...

By sy8
posted on 01 December at 14:10
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Hi! I also love Lucy Liu in Elementary right now and her fashion/costuming is amazing. Have you seen episode 7? She wears a really interesting D shaped bracelet towards the middle of the episode and was wondering if you knew what it was. I love your website and thought you would be the most knowledgeable person to ask. Any help would be gratefully accepted. Thanks!

By Becca Lee
posted on 22 January at 19:00

I am also loving Watson's style, I have pictures on my phone I bring with me when I go shopping.