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Get Fell In, You 'orrible Lot!

By Davidduff
News today of a government initiative - oh for God's sake, come out and stop hiding!  I know what you mean but this one's fairly harmless.  Apparently they are going to help ex-soldiers to become school teachers by cutting their training time from four years to only two.  (Four years to train a teacher!!!!)  Anyway, the fun potential in this idea is fairly high as I think  about the various rascals, scallywags, drunks, killers and fornicators with whom I served.  The 'lickle kiddie-winkies' might not learn much of an academic nature but their eyes will be opened to the, er, vageries of human nature in all its forms.  Anyway, they have to be an improvement on the wet, idle and mostly useless lot who run our 'skools' today.  I heard one on the radio this morning from one of the teacher unions whingeing and whining about what a disgrace it was for teachers to qualify in only two years.  Hopefully, one of the new ex-squaddie intake will stick one on him and shut him up.  That will be a very fine lesson for the lads and lasses!

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