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Gentlemen (well, Ladies, Too, of Course), I Give You 'President' Scott Walker

By Davidduff

'Waddyamean', who he?  He is the current Governor of Wisconsin, and in my view, a man well worth watching for the Presidential election in 2016.  Of course, it is well known that an endorsement from this distinguished blog is usually the kiss of death to any aspirant so I donate it surreptitiously and, given that hardly anyone reads this blog, hope that no-one 'over there' will notice!

Somehow this remarkable man managed to win the governorship of the 'United Socialist State of Wisconsin', a basket-case entity whose public affairs, that is town halls, schools, State agencies and so forth were entirely in thrall to their public service unions - a bit like ours will be if Ed 'Milipede' wins next year and McCluskey's apparatchiks take over.  Walker took them head on and passed a law which reduced their legal bargaining remit to wages alone, not the myriad ancillaries they had ripped off from Wisconsin tax-payers.  The unions with Dem party helpers fought back furiously forcing the Governor to face a recall election.  Much to their chagrin, he won! 

Now, the State Supreme Court has ratified his policy that Wisconsin public sector unions are not only reduced to bargaining for basic wages and nothing else but also that henceforth they will be responsible for collecting their own union subscriptions instead of using local government offices to stop it automatically from workers' pay packets.  You will not, I'm sure, drop dead from shock to learn that it was teachers' unions who were the most hostile!  Of course, it will now be appealed up to the SCOTUS but givem the current membership I will be amazed if it is over-turned.

To add a dollop of cream to Gov. Walker's Wisconsin apple pie, his State court also upheld his plan for voter registration and identification.  That should go a long way to keeping elections fair and open, a policy detested by Democrats.  So this is a man who not only 'talks the talk' but executes the action.  In other words, a man worth watching but, of course, his immediate problem lies not in the serried ranks of Democrat socialists and trades unions but his own Republican party leadership, the biggest collection of clowns since Barnum's circus hit town!

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