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Genetics: Why We Do Not Offer Direct to Consumer Testing for Paternity & Relationship Tests

By 2ndacthealth @2ndActHealth

Genetics: Why we do not offer Direct to Consumer Testing for Paternity & Relationship Tests
When it comes to paternity and relationship testing we have a saying: TEST ONCE; TEST RIGHT.

After doing this testing for several years, working with both domestic and legal cases we made the decision to offer the end using consumer the ultimate gold standard for peace of mind. Here are some of the key reasons why, and we invite you to carefully consider them before you buy an online or over the counter test:

1. Controlled environment for sample taking. There are many, many things that can do wrong when conducting the test at home. Eliminate these by having it done by a professional. If this cannot be achieved - have the professional come to you;

2. Sample mix-up during swab procedure. Touching swabs with fingers. Saliva from sealing envelope, etc... This happens more often than not;

3. In your rush to get the test done you forget some of the key preparation and neglect to read what you should have done prior or the other party testing does;

4. You cannot control how the package is delivered to the lab - we do;

5. You are unprepared for the result and rush to do a second test - whereas, if you tested with a professional you would have been counselled and guided accordingly without fear or hesitation that the test was done wrong.

These are some of the more common issues.

Often what starts off as a private test, may need a chain of custody or some other verification steps for many legal reasons. Because we test following all protocols, these can be added (additional fees apply) and you do not have to start with a new test.

Spending a little more means peace of mind. Isn't that why you are testing in the first place? And finally, you get what you pay for. This saying holds very true in genetic testing services.

We are often called to interpret test results in court cases, and from experience, we cannot stress the importance of having tested right the first time.

The fine print on all consumer testing kits is their disclaimer on some of what we stated above. Get peace of mind, knowing that your result is definitive.

If you have an International issue requiring a test, we can counsel you on the best way to achieve results, and have even organized to have tests administered in countries outside of Canada and the USA.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to our Genomic Health Practitioner please call or email.

We are happy to help you and can offer legal referrals if you need assistance as well.

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