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Geezer Sailors Cross Atlantic on Raft

By Sailingguide

And I don't mean "geezers" disrespectfully - indeed, I love stories like this. An 85-year-old and three crew from 56 to 61 just sailed from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean on a 39-foot raft constructed from lengths of pipe and powered by a 400-square-foot sail. It took them about 2 months for the crossing, during which no doubt they had the time of their lives. Anthony Smith, who conceived the voyage and built the sailing raft, said he'd dreamed of the crossing since boyhood - say, seven or eight decades! While they were fundraising for the British nonprofit WaterAid, they also wanted to demonstrate that old guys are quite capable of undertaking great adventures. Said Smith upon their arrival in St. Maarten, "What else do you do when you get on in years?" I hope I'm saying exactly the same thing when I reach his age!

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