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Garden Weddings: Everything You Need to Make Things Easier

By David @Topweddingwall

Airy, serene and definitely romantic, gardens can be the perfect location for your wedding. In fact, with the recession and ever increasing prices, it’s probably a good idea to hold your wedding in your own garden instead of renting a more expensive location. By cutting back on such expenses, you’ll definitely be able to spend more on other things such as your dress, shoes or accessories.

Bridal party in garden

If you don’t have a large backyard, you can always check with your local municipality or council to rent any green space or garden in your locality. While garden weddings are undeniably easy to prepare and set up, there are several things that the couple should take into consideration: bear in mind that an outdoors theme wedding means that you’ll need to bring in some extra supplies to ensure the comfort of your guests, especially if you’re holding the reception outside.

Garden wedding

Since you’re holding your wedding in a garden, it’s crucial to take into consideration the type of weather that you’ll be having. While spring and summer are the perfect seasons for wedding under the sun, bear in mind that sudden downpours can occur. If you want to be particularly careful, you can set up a gazebo to shelter your guests in case of rainfall. Ladies who are lucky enough to have a gazebo in your backyard can certainly get married under it for some added charm and romance. Alternatively, garden ponds and flower arches are other incredibly dreamy and romantic locations that you can incorporate into your special day. Try to dress up your bridesmaids in green as well in order to bring a homogenous atmosphere and draw attention back to the outdoors theme.

Bridesmaids wearing pale green dresses

As far as the aisle goes, it’s best to keep it as natural as you possibly can. After all, this is an outdoors wedding and you need to stay in harmony with nature. So, if possible, ditch the red or white carpet in favor of flower petals and scraps of lace. Of course, you’ll need to create your own aisle by using some garden chair and in that case, remember that it’s always best to go for white or cream-colored chairs. These hues usually provide a beautiful contrast with the lush green grass and trees.

Groom and bride in garden

If you can afford it, then by all means feel free to add a few unique touches to add some charm and flair to your outdoors wedding. An arrangement of flowers spelling out the couples’ name is undeniably a special touch that will forever mark your wedding day. As for the reception, it’s quite a good idea to hold it outside, especially if you’re expecting a nice weather. In this case, couples usually have a choice of two arrangements: you can get a long buffet table and a long banquet table to seat all your guests, or you can get several rounded tables to seat small groups.

Table settings for garden wedding

Don’t forget to invest in some garden lights or string a few fairy lights among the trees if you’re expecting your reception to go well into the night. A naked patch of green grass would also provide a magnificent area for your guests to dance the night away as they celebrate the union of two hearts.

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