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Future Worries

By Thindes78
Future Worries

You never stop worrying about your children no matter what their age. We all want the best for our children and we always wonder what the future holds for them - how they will turn out! Will they have good health? Will they do well in school? Will they get the job that makes them happy? Will they find the right partner? and it goes on and on.. 

My biggest worry, I really hope they don't follow the path their dad took when he left school by joining the British Army. This was before we meet, he was in the British Army for 10 years until he was 26, we met shortly after he left the Army and then we had our family - but the kids think it is pretty cool that their Dad drove tanks. I won't cope very well if any of my boys decide to take this route, it is not a route I would want them to take - of course, I won't be able to stop them and I will support them fully if they make that decision. But, I want a more safe and stable life for them.
Then there is the state of the economy at the moment, with all the recent cuts and further austerity measures, what does this mean for my children when they grow up? - Will they be able to buy a house? Will they be able to get a job? Will going to university put them in massive debt? Will they be able to afford to have children? and so on.

My Voucher Codes recently conducted research by asking parents what their main concerns for them and their children were for the future. They discovered that many parents were worried about financial instability and the economy, extremism and terrorism as well as house prices and high rents. Similar to my concerns, but that is because of the times, and the world we live in.All this worry is natural for a parent, and I don't think I will ever stop worrying about them, but that isn't such a bad thing, right? It shows how much we care and love them.

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