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Full Moon in Scorpio - Acting Decisively to Reap the Benefits

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Full Moon in Scorpio - Acting decisively to reap the benefits

It's full Moon day today in Scorpio, the full Moon happens at 22.24 UK time this evening, that's 17.24 on the east coast of the US. This full Moon, always a time of release and this full Moon highlights the Taurus/Scorpio axis on the chart.

Both these signs are connected with growth. With Taurus you see growth through building things through your own efforts and by keeping things stable and strong whereas Scorpio amasses things through sharing resources and through transforming, eliminating breaking up one state so that you can build something bigger and better through merging what you have with something else. There is an "all or nothing", "black or white" approach about Scorpio, there is no doubt. The Scorpionic approach is always to survive at any cost, and if something or someone needs to be destroyed in order to keep things going, then the Scorpio will not think twice about it.

Full Moon in Scorpio - Acting decisively to reap the benefits

This Full Moon is connected to two planets, a sextile to Pluto and a rather wide trine to Neptune. The sextile to Pluto complements the full Moon nicely and here is an intense focus to make the best of any situation you find yourself in. Here we have strong emotions, a need to get to the truth of a situation and a ruthless attitude too. Here is a state of mind not wanting to accept superficiality, and you will desire clarity now and a clearing out of any complications in your path. The trine from the full Moon in Scorpio to Neptune in Pisces requires us to experience harmony and everything to be flowing in the direction that you need it to go, and I feel that you will use any tactic at your disposal to get to calmer waters, as you see them to be.

This Full Moon lands on one star, Zuben Elgenubi, the Northern Scale in Libra and the luckier of the two stars in the constellation. This star is know as "the full price that is paid" and this is a star where you tend to benefit from the actions you take in relation to other people, and in doing so you will help yourself, so long as you are not too complacent or do any harm to them. If your actions are genuine then real benefits can be made. I think this full Moon will reveal to you what you need to do or what you need to remove from your life so that you can make the best of the fortune that the Northern Scale can bring to you.

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