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Full Moon in Gemini on 17th December 2013 - Gaining Strength out of Adversity.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Moon image

We come around to another full Moon on the 17th December and this one falls in the sign of the twins, Gemini. The axis under scrutiny in this full Moon, the opposition between the Sun and the Moon is the learning and communication one, governing what we say, what we think, what we learn and what we believe in. As ever there is a sub-plot behind this initial look at where the full Moon hits and it promises to be a rough old few weeks for us all as we see out the old year and ring in the new one.


Ok what have we got going on this time around. Any full Moon shows the culmination of a cycle so in regard to it occurring in Gemini you may be finalising an idea, finishing a term of education or applying for a course that you have been considering for some time now or you may take up teaching or advising. This is a Full Moon of achieving an aim, stretching your mind, planning travel or getting in touch with people that you haven’t seen in a while. The full Moon in Gemini is often a time when the phone rings and rings or emails and letters flood in with the Moon receiving the full reflection of the Sun in Sagittarius, the sign of excess. What you say, intimate or agree to now will be important in the weeks and months to come. The Sun in this opposition will be on the star Aculeus in the sting of Scorpio, and this indicates strength being derived through an attack on society or on your own personal situation. This is a star connection where you will benefit if you do take up the fight, no matter how difficult it seems to be. This is the other main theme of this Full Moon and it is played out very accurately by the picture that the rest of the planets on this sky map create. 

Of course the devil in any Full Moon is in the detail of the chart that forms around it, and in the wake of it. On the 17th December just after this Full Moon hits it’s peak, Uranus the planet of rebellion turns direct. This particular point when Uranus is stationary is traditionally a very dangerous time when all manner of unexpected and shocking events can occur. Going back to the last time that Uranus finished a retrograde period, it was 14th December 2012, the fateful day of the Sandy Hook school massacre. That day was a particularly nasty one and this one though not as extreme has some tough elements to it.

Uranus is opposed by Mars in Libra as it turns in this chart and makes the obligatory square to Pluto forming a cardinal t-square full of fiery danger, rebellion and potential brutality, and one that will tighten in the lead up to Christmas day. I do have worries over this formation as the Full Moon makes almost an exact quindecile aspect to Pluto, one of those planets in the t-square. I can see the misuse of power against people through this aspect, the Moon representing the the general population and the nation state, Pluto being the person or persons with control. Jupiter opposing Pluto gives an international and/or an excessive quality to the influence exerted by Pluto. Remember, this is the end of a cycle, something is ending now. Indeed it is, the retrograde period of Uranus. Rebellion is ending (for now) and power is restored. In all this, your cardinal houses are going to take a battering in the next couple of weeks. On your chart look for the signs Aries, Libra and Capricorn to see where any potential battle grounds will be. Things you or others say and communicate (Gemini Full Moon) I suspect will spark off the t-square leading to a lot of tension, unpredictability, independent action and maybe permanent change.  

We have Saturn trine to Jupiter on this chart, the planet of  limitation connecting with that of expansion, fear and repression versus hope and optimism. Look at which planets are moving directly, and we see Saturn direct and Jupiter retrograde. I always say that the direct planet out of two has control and more influence in personal, world and global events, and so Saturn will win out in this link up. The trine allows the energy to flow and this I think is dangerous for anyone who is trying to go against people in charge, as they will always have the upper hand.

This picture is the same in all our lives, the boss is going to be in control now and there is little we can do about it. At the moment, the world is still in the main under the blanket of a wide depression, economies are hurting and so are the people. Financially most of us are under the gun and this trine between Saturn and Jupiter sees thrift and economy ruling over us at the end of this year. This is more a festive season akin to the attitude of Scrooge and trying to save than it will be to generosity and splashing out wildly.

on a more upbeat note, there is a trine between Mars and Venus which is operational now and love is free and something we don’t have to pay for, so show some to those you care deeply about this festive time. It will be worth it. Venus on the 21st goes retrograde just after Uranus turns direct and this in general puts a huge emphasis on reviewing our relationships, our financial situations and what we possess. This retrograde in Capricorn (where Pluto is also transiting) will allow us to make some structural adaptation to our lives in combination with Uranus which will eventually begin to breathe new freedoms and innovation into the part of your chart ruled by Aries.

In conclusion, we may be challenged or even threatened now by someone above us or around us, and how we respond will color the next few months of our lives. Some will back down and not pick up the baton, but some may decide to grab hold of it and go for gold. How you respond to the opportunities and potential that this Full Moon brings is entirely your decision, however if you decide not to respond, circumstances next year may force your hand into accepting much more demanding change than is on offer now.

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