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Friday Reads: You Can Create an Exceptional Life by Hay/Richardson

By Khourianya @khourianya
Friday Reads: You Can Create an Exceptional Life by Hay/RichardsonFirst - a disclaimer: I am not one to usually buy in to metaphysical self help mumbo jumbo crap.   So, what led me to buy this book when I happened upon it in the book section of Shopper's Drug Mart?   That much is easy.  It was the exceptional life bit.  Totally judging a book by it's cover.  It is something I always say..that I am building an exceptional life (I even have a tag by that title on my blog labels).  The title sucked me in and I didn't expect what followed - I actually listened to some of what the book said.
Written by Cheryl Richardson in collaboration with Louise Hay, this book is essentially revealing what Louise had learned in her 84 years so far.   About drawing the positive energies toward you and pushing the negativity away so you can focus on what is truly important to you and give your energies to that instead.  It's a difficult yet powerful way to live.
The book is a really quick an easy read.  I read for about 5 mins every night before bed and finished it within a week.  Saying that the book has two authors seems a bit misleading.   Really - the book is written in the first person by Richardson and focuses on her meetings with Hay as the secrets to her success at life are revealed.
Now, while I am not usually big on the whole self help thing - much of this book did resonate with me.  The discussion surrounding dealing with difficult relationships so you are not feeding all of your energy into something that will never be satisfied.  I had several "A-HA!" moments reading through it.  
I did find all of the talk about doing daily affirmations to be a bit hokey, though.  I honestly could not imagine myself walking into my office and saying to myself "I bless my workplace with love  I love my coworkers and we enjoy working together so much that it makes it a joy to come to the office each day." Blech.   But, amazingly, I did like the bits about talking more lovingly to yourself and found myself using much gentler words with myself instead of the harsh ones that I usually do.  That can only be a good thing.
So, as with any self help thing - you always need to take the bits that work for you and apply them to your own life.   But my husband will never find me in front of a mirror extolling my virtues to myself. NEVER!
Do I recommend it?  Well - I am going to remain neutral on that one.   Self help (especially the metaphysical kind) is such a personal thing and it is usually an area of the bookstore I avoid because I have seen it do more harm than good to too many people.  This book, though, is less of a "this book will fix you" than it is a "here is another tool for your toolbox" kind of book. (If that makes sense).  I'm not sure there is anything in there that will make my life more exceptional than it already is, but if it helps me be a little less critical of myself then it was worth the time and money I invested in buying and reading it.

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