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Friday Reads: Venusian Lullaby by Paul Leonard (Doctor Who)

By Khourianya @khourianya
Friday Reads: Venusian Lullaby by Paul Leonard (Doctor Who) This is the third book in the Doctor Who Missing Adventures books, published by Virgin Publishing
From GoodReads:
'You want me to help you eat your children?' Ian said. 
Jellenhut's eye-stalks twitched. 'How else would we remember them?' 
Venus is dying. When the Doctor, Barbara and Ian arrive they find an ancient and utterly alien civilization on the verge of oblivion. War is brewing between those who are determined to accept death, and those desperate for salvation whatever the cost.  
Then a spacefaring race arrives, offering to rescue the Venusians by moving them all to Earth - three billion years before mankind is due to evolve. Are the newcomers’ motives as pure as they appear? And will the Doctor allow them to save his oldest friends by sacrificing the future of humanity?
This is the longest book so far and BY FAR the hardest to get into, while still being a very engaging story.  I attribute this to the fact that the author actually did not try to humanize the aliens beyond a very rudimentary humanizing in the description of the anatomical features.  Names and things are in the Venusian language and can be hard to wrap my english brain around.  BUT eventually it begins to flow into a story about a planet becoming inhabitable and how other civilizations move in to gain/help as a result.
This story features the First Doctor, Barbara and Ian.  Aside from the episode (available on Netflix) "The Three Doctors", this was my first experience with the Fist Doctor and I feel like I can't judge the book and how good of a fit it is without tracking down more episodes with William Hartnell and see.  I may need to come back and edit this review later.
If you are needing a Doctor Who fix...this should do it just fine :)

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