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Friday Reads: The Rosie Effect by Grame Simsion

By Khourianya @khourianya
Friday Reads: The Rosie Effect by Grame Simsion For my review of the first book, The Rosie Project, Click here.
This book picks up a year or so after The Rosie Project.  Don Tillman and Rosie are now happily married and have moved to New York for Rosie to study and Don to participate in some research studies at Columbia.  In Don's eyes, their little work is perfect...until the day Rosie unexpectedly announces they are pregnant.
BLAMMO!  Don's world is set into a tailspin.  His brain cannot comprehend becoming a father so, in true Don fashion - he constructs ways for himself to wrap his mind around it...and hilarity ensues - particularly when he ends up getting arrested after observing children playing in a playground.
Unfortunately, he forgot one little thing in this...the fact that this pregnancy is not a science project or something he can control and Rosie is having nothing of it.
Their marriage feels a strain that Don doesn't understand but that Rosie feels is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  I can't give away too much without spoiling the book, but let's just say that they learn a whole lot about family, friendships, love and loss...and Don might yet become a socially capable person.  Maybe.  Guess we'll need to see.
This book was just as quirky as The Rosie Project - though I found Don to be a bit much to take this time around.  I still really enjoyed the book and it was definitely laugh out loud funny...Don was just a bit more rigid than I remembered him being.

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