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Friday Reads: Midsummer Magic by Julia Williams

By Khourianya @khourianya
Friday Reads: Midsummer Magic by Julia Williams When engaged couple, Josie and Harry, bring along their best man and chief bridesmaid for a planning weekend at the bride's parents house, little did they know that the attendants (who had yet to "meet") actually shared a tumultuous history.  One night, at Midsummer's Eve and with the help of some local mythology and a mischievous hypnotist - these four people have their lives turned upside down in a comedy of errors.
Though a comedy of errors that's not really worth it's a good thing this book was cheap.
The whole book feels super repetitive. She will describe one characters thoughts and their presumptions of how other characters are feeling and then she will jump to another character and basically confirm that they are feeling that.  
In the end, the basic theme is:
Yep - we got engaged too soon and are rushing the wedding
Wow - I've spent the last x (number of years) hating you when it was really a big misunderstanding.
I understand that the author was trying to go for an "Inspired by Midsummer Nights Dream" thing, but it ended up being a book that was far too long (and it's not a long book) and far too repetitive to be enjoyable.
Your mileage may vary, but I was expecting something a bit more magical from a book with "magic" in the title.
Now I need to re-read Lord of the Rings again to cleanse this one out of me.

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