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Friday Faves- HUGE News and Not Your Average Smoothie

By Fitnessmeetsfrosting @fitnessfrosting

HAPPY FRIDAY friends!!

So so so happy it is Friday, as this week has been exhausting because I haven’t been sleeping well.

Yesterday I did 0.3 mile repeats on the treadmill (treadmill is old and can’t read to the hundredths place) instead of 400′s. They were hard and awesome.

This AM I did an easy 5 miles :)

Now on to Friday Faves!

1. Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

hair curl smoothie cream

It takes a lot of work to tame this mane! In my opinion, curly hair just naturally looks frizzy so we need a lot of product to control it. I found this “smoothie” at Target a little while ago, and I’ve been waiting to tell you about it because I wasn’t sure if it really was that good. It is. And it’s really natural. So if you have curly, frizzy hair, I highly recommend this!

holiday party kyle me

2. Mango Black Tea

mango black tea

Even though it’s summer, I drink a ton of hot tea at work to stay warm. I guess a TON of AC is better than no AC? I found this tea a few weeks ago at Trader Joe’s and have been hooked ever since!

3. My foam roller

I’ve been foam rolling (instead of stick rolling) as much as possible and my knee did NOT hurt during my speedwork yesterday!

4. Stability ball desk chair

stability ball

I have a bad back, so ergonomics are really important to me. I’ve been spending more time at my desk recently, and I’ve noticed my posture can get sloppy when I’m tired. Our company has an awesome ergonomic team and they were happy to get me a stability ball desk chair. This can help with posture because it forces you to engage your core. So far I’m loving it! And of course I’ve been bouncing around a little bit ;)

5. This living room.

house living room

Why, you ask? Well friends, this is the living room in Kyle’s and my new house!!!!! Yep!!!! We bought our first house together! I’ve been keeping a secret from you guys (sorry!!!). We’re sooooooo excited!!! Oh, and broke ;)

What hair products do you use?

Tea drinker? If so, what’s your favorite? I want suggestions :)

Have you used a stability ball desk chair?

Do you like my living room? If you say yes, you can come visit. If you say no, you get to sleep on the front lawn.

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