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Frank Baum: A Living Tin Wooman

By Kathrynhutton

When the 43-year-old Lyman Frank Baum brought his manuscript of his fairy tale to one of the American publishing agencies the editor refused to publish it, having said that “if there was any need in American fairy tales there would be some publications already”. The U. S. Literature has less fairy tales than any other national one in fact. The Wizard of Oz still remains the best American fairy tale liked by both the infant and adult readers. Lyman Frank Baum was born on the 15th of May in 19856 in New York. His father had invested his money to the oil business and the financial state of his family wasn’t that bad. But the health of the children was rater poor. The first three children had died before they turned 10, and the fourth one-Frank- survived but was suffering from the heart disease during all his life. As it often happens the weak and fragile boy was fond of reading. His favorite authors were Charles Dickens and William Thackeray. While being a teenager Frank Baum published the improvised magazine, as his father managed to buy a typewriter and other devices needed for publishing.

Frank Baum: A Living Tin Wooman

By that time the health of the boy had improved so that his parents decided to send him to the military academy. But the gentle and mild boy couldn’t put up with the strict discipline and the rude actions of his mates. Once he fainted ad was taken back home by his parents immediately.

Frank Baum: A Living Tin Wooman

Frank Baum was employed in various spheres and despite the numerous fails can’t be called a loser at all. His optimistic spirit and easy-going personality helped him to manage with all the life difficulties. His kind soul was the reason for his own business to go bankrupt. Frank owned a small shop of hardware, but often gave his goods to the poor people for free. It’s not difficult to guess that Frank Baum himself is the prototype of Tin Woodman.

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