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Forbes: Highest Paid Rap Artists 2015

Posted on the 23 September 2015 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
Forbes: Highest Paid Rap Artists 2015The Forbes list is out and they are spilling the entire pot of tea. While we see most rappers in their videos with everything luxurious the world has to offer, we have to be realistic in the sense that some of these artists are doing more window shopping than making major purchases. I'm not talking about a $20,000 chain, I'm talking about purchases that create stability and spending that increases wealth. Let's see who topped the list starting at #10.
10. BIRDMAN - $18 Million
Forbes: Highest Paid Rap Artists 2015Birdman brought in the millions with acts such as Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Young Thug. Although he has a lot of legal issues going on, Lil Wayne no longer wanting to be signed to Young Money, and speculation that he had something to do with the attempt on Weezy's life via tour bus shooting, Birdman is STILL raking in those coins!
9. NICKI MINAJ - $21 Million
Forbes: Highest Paid Rap Artists 2015Nicki Minaj has been releasing hit after hit, she is consistent! The ONLY female in the top ten, her money is screaming, 'WE THE BEST!' (No Khaled) Nicki's barbz will ensure she remains the reigning Queen of hip hop.
8. WIZ KHALIFA - $21.5 Million
Forbes: Highest Paid Rap Artists 2015Wiz has definitely been making some power moves this year. Especially with his smash hit, 'See you again'. He has been touring and from what I hear, his shows are always TURNED UP!
7. KANYE WEST - $22 Million
Forbes: Highest Paid Rap Artists 2015I can honestly say that I am surprised, I truly believed Kanye would be in the top five. I'm sure a rant will be coming about this later on. Chill out Yeezy, you'll get em next year. I'd give my right arm to make $1 Million and you made twenty-two.
6. EMINEM - $31 Million
Forbes: Highest Paid Rap Artists 2015Eminem is still pulling in those coins whether he releases an album or NOT. He could put out a mix tape and clear a million copies sold. Eminem is so timeless that even the Marshall Mathers LP is STILL relevant.
5. PHARRELL - $32 Million
Forbes: Highest Paid Rap Artists 2015I would be suspicious of this list if Pharrell WASN"T in the top five! Pharrell is everywhere! If you don't know anything about Pharrell you damn sure know his song, 'Happy'.
4. DR DRE - $33 Million
Forbes: Highest Paid Rap Artists 2015STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON! People STILL go to Dre for beats, and now we have Beats By Dre. Dr. Dre is a walking corporation, anything he touches turns into pure gold. He is a pioneer of hip hop, and will always have timeless relevancy! Dre will be making millions even if he never puts out another album.
3. DRAKE - $39.5 Million
Forbes: Highest Paid Rap Artists 2015Drake is consistent with putting out hit after hit. His sound is so unique that when you hear him on a track, you immediately know that it's him. Drake has a track for any and everything, from falling in love to club bangers. Drake is a Mega Star that will create a fan with every new listener.
2. JAY-Z - $56 Million
Forbes: Highest Paid Rap Artists 2015NEW YORK, NEW YORK! Are we seriously surprised? Jay-Z has been one of the top three consistently for a few years now. If Jay-Z even tweets, the world stops. Jay-Z is the undisputed CEO of Hip Hop itself, and if you disagree, you're either a hater, or lying to yourself. Jay can sell out an arena with two weeks notice of a concert. Jay-Z has the ability to evolve his flow and content with his age. Jay-Z is a living LEGEND and will always be recognized as such.
1. SEAN 'DIDDY' COMBS - $60 Million
Forbes: Highest Paid Rap Artists 2015
ITS THE D THE I THE D THE D THE Y! ITS DIDDYYYY HOLD UP! Sean Combs has put out more acts than Motown, his clothing line Sean Jean is still selling well, he has launched Revolt, I damn sure drink Ciroc (don't tell 50 I said that), and I am sure he has more than enough business ventures up his sleeve. He has turned himself into a walking brand. When you think of Diddy, so many different avenues can be taken. CONGRATULATIONS DIDDY! Keep getting that COIN!!!

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