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For Ever and Ever, Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Posted on the 06 April 2015 by Opticalh @OpticalH


Ray-Ban has become one of the most renowned brands as far as eyewear is concerned. Its original models revolutionized the eyewear industry in the 50s and they keep doing it now.

Sophistication and simplicity in its designs have set new trends and the number of followers that can’t live without them increases every day. Many of Ray-Ban sunglasses will never go out of fashion – they are the so-called “Icons”- and the Wayfarer is one of them. This model has passed onto generations, winning a spot on the eyewear world, and this is because the Wayfarer has turned into a must in every person’s basic wardrobe for its elegance and timelessness.

An always in-style design

Since its creation in 1953 by Raymond Stegueman, this model has transformed into the most popular and imitated model of all times.

This model’s simple but magnetic design meant the end of the metallic frames era to welcome acetate, which became the material par excellence to be used in new frame design.

This revolutionary model was a turning point in the eyewear industry, and that’s way it is not anything to be surprised about that many celebrities have joined the Wayfarer trend, showing them over and over with their looks and making them be worth more every day.

This model has managed to reinvent itself over the years. Its original and innovative designs, colours and prints have let the Wayfarer adapt to the new trends and so they are still very in demand in the field, defying the passing of time.

Our Wayfarer…

Currently, new editions of the classic Wayfarer – now called Original Wayfarer because of the later variations that have appeared – have been launched into the market. On the one hand, there’s the New Wayfarer and on the other hand, there’s the Wayfarer Folding.

The New Wayfarer is smaller than the Original Wayfarer and it has slightly softer eye shape (“a” softness level): it loses the characteristic inclination of the Original Wayfarer’s temples and it slightly softens the pointed shape of its frame too. Expert optometrists refer to this change explaining that the pantoscopic angle in the New Wayfarer is not as noticeable as in its predecessor.


The Wayfarer Folding is a compact, completely folding design that can be kept in a smaller case and put in the wearer’s pocket easily. This new edition is practical, portable and always stylish. And now for the summer, this model brings cheerful and daring colours.


In OpticalH, we want you to enjoy the summer’s arrival wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarer, so we have a very varied and wide selection of designs, colours and styles.

Retro looks


The Ray-Ban Wayfarer evokes the elegance from the 50s. The retro style of these sunglasses, which is very in at the moment, makes them the perfect accessory for the summer. Your looks will be more chic if you wear your Wayfarer.

In OpticalH, we’d like you to feel like a celebrity with your pair of Wayfarer sunglasses, so we offer you a large selection of these sunglasses so that you can choose the ones that best fit your life style. Become Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or be Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street with your Ray-Ban Wayfarer.

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