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{Foodie} Cob's Popcorn

By Lilmumma08 @mummy2to0h
Now earlier on in one of my last posts I mentioned a few changes in the blog. One was adding a lot more food and bevy type posts, so to kick things off I thought why not Cob's!
The girls and aren't three massive meals a day kinda girls. Instead you'll find out larger meals are earlier on in the day and we tend to graze throughout the day, which personally I would prefer anyway. 
Everywhere I go I have to have snacks in my bag as I have recently found out I have Hyperthyroidism (I'll make another post when I have more control and knowledge of my situation as it is new) and with this my body is performing like it is on a treadmill 24/7, so I need to keep eating or else I will feel sick as anything. 
{Foodie} Cob's Popcorn
{Foodie} Cob's PopcornCob's first came into the families life a little while back at a bloggers event hosted by the wonderful ladies at Kids Business. They had a stall there and had Adriano Zumbo showing as all the great ways to enjoy popcorn in sneaky indulgence style. 
Sampling was also great fun and from the beginning I had my clear cut favourite, and also ones that made me turn my nose up, which is fine because someone doesn't have to like every single flavor.
I think (don't quote me) most of them except favorite come in snack size (78g) then medium (40g) and then the large packs (120g).
So lets cut to the chase here and highlight all those hits and misses, starting with the hits. 
There is no denying on my behalf that I am a massive softy for sweets, so I went straight for the sweet stuff.  My two favorite sweet style popcorn was: {Foodie} Cob's Popcorn

Favourites Caramel Corn 

I could honestly eat this until I am sick in the stomach and bloated like I'm 8 months pregnant! By far the winner in my book, and the families. So I have to hide this from the tribe in my draw making sure it doesn't get touch. Basically its a crunchy style popcorn covered in hard caramel! Is your mouth watering yet?  Mine sure is. 

Favourites Dark Chocolate Drizzle Caramel Corn

Then for another twist on the caramel corn (I say it like a Yank when I type it) I love the dark chocolate drizzle. Not too much that you can't taste anything other then chocolate but just the right amount. This is the girls favorite chocolate and I will be sure to pack some on the flight over to Bali in a couple of weeks. 
So that covers my favorite sweet popcorn but Cob's also has a milk chocolate sort as well with both drizzled and covered. 
Now for the savoury with two different types- Natural and then also Organic. 
{Foodie} Cob's Popcorn

Natural Lightly Salted Slightly Sweetened Popcorn

There are many people I know scrunch their nose us at this particular popcorn but after biting the bullet and trying it the packet doesn't stay full for very long.  Cob's have perfected that amazing combination right in the middle of sweet and salty. I absolutely love the combination knowing eating a little packet is totally guilt free. 

Natural Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar

{Foodie} Cob's PopcornEvery since I was a tiny Erin I have always reached for the salt and vinegar crackers, chips and everything in between.  So when I saw the pink strip on the top of the back I got excited and assumed vinegar and I was totally right. Sometimes when you get salt and vinegar chips and even popcorn that vinegar is way to overpowering, when you eat enough your mouth is white and mouth hurts. This sea salt & cider vinegar isn't too much and the cider vinegar is what makes this flavor stand about any other slat and vinegar. 

Organic Sea salt 

For those looking for the plain and simple sort of popcorn then this is for you. Literally just your standard salty popcorn that packs the perfect crunch. I like to add my own things to this type of popcorn and makes for a great base on the recipes like Adriano Zumbo was making.
I won't ever regret say this, but I don't think there will ever be a better brand of popcorn. I'm a Cob's chick! {Foodie} Cob's Popcorn 
DISCLAIMER** I have been sent this product for review purposes and everything in this post is my own opinion. 

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