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Foam Rolling + When Runs Don’t Count

By Fitnessmeetsfrosting @fitnessfrosting

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a good weekend!

I haven’t posted since Thursday, so I need to catch y’all up!

  • Thursday WORKOUT: Ran ~5 miles total. 400′s x 1.

No, that 1 x 400m repeat is not a typo. My knee started to feel weird so I took it easy.

I’ve been rolling with Kyle’s stick roller consistently but my knee still acts up sometimes when I run. I was getting ready to call the doctor to get it looked at, and then on Sunday I used my foam roller. And then BAM! My knee started to feel a little better. I think the issue with the stick roller is me. I’m not using enough pressure…

We’ll see. I’m going to foam roll instead of stick roll for a while and see if the knee issues go away. Crossing fingers!

foam rolling

  • My sister cleaned out her closet, which is one of the best days of the year…for me.

Basically, I get new clothes for free :) New cargo pants!

outfit clothes

  • Saturday WORKOUT: Ran ~7.5 miles, easy pace.

No idea what my actual pace was because my watch died. Luckily it was the same route I’ve ran a bazillion times so I knew the rough distance. Cause y’all know if I didn’t know the distance, my run basically didn’t count #runnerproblems

  • After my run, Kyle and I went to my BFF, Shanna’s, acro performance.

This will be her last year doing acro, so I’m glad I got to watch!

shanna me acro

  • Saturday evening, Kyle and I cooked dinner together and caught up on Homeland.

Kyle had to run downstairs to get something from his room. We waited patiently for him.

me cal gus

And that’s basically my weekend! Sunday was full of light weights, errands, and soccer.

Do you foam roll, stick roll, both, neither?

Do you do hand-me-down clothes in your family? Yep! We always offer clothes to my cousins too, and then it all goes to charity.

How bummed are you when your running watch dies mid-run?

Tell me what ya did this weekend!!

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