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Fixing Up Your Dream Home: Is It Really All That Difficult?

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn

Have you moved into a new home recently? It’s a dream project for many people to buy a home in the area they’ve always wanted to be. And maybe settle down with a couple of children. The fixing up of the home is a passion project, done with love. And we’ve all seen those movies where it’s all done with a nifty montage to some upbeat 80’s music, everyone’s smiling, and it’s a great laugh. The reality is something completely different! It’s usually stress, tension, and the never ending feeling of dread that you are plowing your money into something that may never, ever, EVER finish! Don’t panic, here are some practical tips on how to keep your head and keep the house under control.



Make Sure To Set A Time Limit For All Of The Work To Be Completed

This can feel like a big ask when you’re surrounded by bags of cement seven days a week! Keep a timeframe in mind, and this will make you feel more motivated. And don’t move the deadlines around. If you have set a deadline, keep it! This will keep you chipping away. And if you have promised your family or your partner that you would get it done by then, then keep your promises!  

Cut The Cost Whenever Possible

While it can be so much easier to pay for contractors and throw money left and right, there are many good ways to keep your finances reigned in. So, for example, an issue such as the plumbing, if you can keep the sinks and basins where they originally were then it will save you a lot of money as the cost to move them is quite substantial! Another method in keeping the costs down is to hire builders or contractors that are recommended by friends or family members. While you very likely will listen to your family members, make sure they know what they’re talking about. You need to save money and no doubt you have a relative that knows how to keep the costs down!

Make One Part Of The Home Yours


photo from Pexels

Amid all the chaos with dealing with the builders, the Real Estate Company, and everything else, you need to be calm in your home. Make sure that you have a space that is completely yours, it will help to keep you level. And sometimes there is nothing wrong with getting away from it all. Take a break. It is very overwhelming to undertake a task of this magnitude.

Plan Your Food In Advance And Cook The Meals In Batches

While it may sound nice to eat a takeaway every night of the week but it will soon become very uninteresting! And it will leave you completely penniless! The best way around the issue, as the kitchen and dining area will be generally inaccessible, is to cook as many meals in one go as you can. You then portion them up and freeze them. When you need food, take it out of the freezer and defrost in the microwave! There will be a lot less money going out, which leaves you the opportunity to invest it into your home.

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