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Fixed Stars - The Grand Circle of Constellations Part 1- Aries

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Ecliptic path

In this feature on Solaris Astrology, I will be looking at the constellations of the universe that the planets pass through and make contact with on their never ending orbits around our Sun. As they connect with the fixed stars within, the planets are coloured with new influences that have a direct effect with us here on earth. I started taking note of the stars because of a simple premise. If the planets and their movements can demonstrate an effect here on earth (I have now more than 250 full page articles on this blog illustrating this fact), then why don’t the stars in our universe have an effect too? I looked and I saw the effects, and they indeed do. Come and join me on a journey as we explore the mysteries of the stars, of the folklore and the wisdom of their influence on us all that has passed down from generations of astronomers & astrologers alike. I start off with the first in the grand circle of constellations that the Sun directly contacts each year – Aries.

aries fixed stars

Aries position

Aries is of course associated with the Spring Equinox, the beginning of a new cycle of growth and life. Going back in history, the Egyptians who initially until around the year 2000BC followed the sacred bull as their main God (when the spring equinox was in Taurus) started to change their allegiances to the Ram or Amen-Ra as the equinox shifted signs into the stars of Aries. The Israelites see the Ram as special, and their sacrificing of the lamb instead of the first born son comes from the story of Abraham who found a lamb in a thicket and he was instructed to sacrifice it by Yahweh (the all seeing god of the Israelites) to save his son Isaac from such a fate. The Greeks worshipped the Ram in their story of Jason and the Argonauts and the quest for the Golden Fleece. The Ram is seen as independent and strong, ready for adventure and prepared to set off on the road for success and glory in order to be the first one to succeed. Aries is a constellation where action takes place, it is a place of new beginnings and of independence and bravery.

Hamal is the main star of Aries sitting at the eastern horn of the Ram. Hamal is seen as an all action star, of strong will and of independence. Any planet coming into contact with it will see it's qualities strengthened and made more focused, be that in a good or bad way, i.e. through direct positive action, or increased anger or frustration. Through Hamal you will take life head on using those horns as a battering ram; not particularly subtle but often effective.

Hamal with the Sun brings an assertive attitude to life and encourages the need to be independent. With the Moon, Hamal channels the emotions in a forceful way making one possibly brash and free spirited, but in a loveable way. Hamal currently sits at 7:51 Taurus.

The two stars of Sheratan & Mesarthim sit on the western Horn of the Ram.

Sheratan is regarded by Ebertin as a bold but foolhardy star, one where you can hurt yourself if you act too impulsively or take too many risks.

Mesarthim is seen as a more protective star and less aggressive and impulsive than the rest of the stars in Aries.

Current positions in the sky

Mesarthim –2:44 Taurus   Sheratan – 4:09 Taurus   Hamal – 7:51 Taurus

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