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Fixed Stars – Mercury Conjunct to Fixed Star Alphard

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Sea Serpent

With the Sun on the Dragon star Thuban today (30th Aug), Mercury joins the party by making a conjunction with Alphard, the star at the heart of the Hydra, the great sea serpent in the skies which connects in the skies the watery signs of Cancer to Scorpio.

Alphard can be a violent and passionate star, the emotions welling up from the depths of one's soul exploding into the light of day. Mercury brings that passion and desire right to the surface through the expression of communication. Watch for people venting their feelings in an uninhibited way. Secrets from the depths may be revealed (this is a theme which will be picked up tomorrow at the Pisces full Moon) or someone may say something that they may live to regret. If this Mercury at 27 Leo connects with any of your planets, then the need to speak up frankly may be hard to resist.

One other interesting point, the Astrologer's degree is at 27 Leo as well and it is interesting and heartening that people are now taking more and more interest in the secrets and the wonders of Astrology as technology helps us to spread the word. Alphard is helping to bring that knowledge out of the hidden depths into the consciousness of more and more people around the world...

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