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Five Ways to Tackle Your Energy Slumps

By Juliepen @Julie_Penfold




2.16pm is the most common time for us to experience energy slumps according to research - at this time we are most likely to feel drained and unable to concentrate.

Find out how to beat your energy slumps.

1. Eat more protein - this provides our bodies with long-lasting energy and avoids blood sugar drops that can negatively affect our alertness. Tuck into: oatcakes, wholegrains, lean meat, low-fat dairy options and nuts at lunchtime.

2. Have a mid-afternoon snack - beware that energy boosts from sugar snacks wear off quickly. Opt for fresh fruit, dried fruit or nuts instead as these are a longer-lasting source of energy. If you're desperate for a chocolate fix - have a couple of squares of good-for-you dark chocolate. I also recently tried a new juice-based organic energy drink, Scheckter's Organic Energy Lite. It's made from all natural and organic ingredients and was a perfect pick-me-up from a big energy slump after an early start.

3. Don't skip meals - having long gaps between meals can cause blood sugar levels to drop - try and eat something every 2-3 hours.

4. Drink water - keep a filled bottle of water on your desk so you're more likely to have a drink regularly. Water can help you to feel less sleepy and also boosts concentration.

5. Get outside at lunchtime - the fresh air will perk you up and help to improve your concentration when you return to work.

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