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Fitness: What Are the Risks?

By Byfitnessgym92
Fitness: What are the risks?
Sport Fitness is an activity accessible to all. At a time when anti-inactivity in full swing, it is interesting to know the specific risks, as is currently the case for the majority of sports: tennis for tendinitis, sprains and breakdown for football, etc..
Whatever age or level sport gym has the advantage of regular physical activity and framed. But like all sports, fitness is not entirely without risk, exercise can cause different types of damage (contracture, tendinitis, tear?).
Fitness and Health Study * has just set out to assess the frequency and nature of diseases related to physical activity in the gym, but also their appearance condition, risk factors and enabling factors. It was conducted using questionnaires completed by doctors, therapists, rheumatologists and patients with a disease contracted in the room. The latter population was composed of equal numbers of men and women with an average age of 34 years.
Strength training is the most popular activity before the cardio, step and aerobics. It is also associated with half of the lesions occurred in the room. The most common injuries are tendon injuries (23%) and back pain (15%). The main cause is mostly excessive activity. Followed (only reported by patients): a movement performed poorly, use load too heavy or lack of heating.
Another interesting fact revealed by this survey, patients present late, an average of 7 months after the occurrence of the injury after taking a medication on their own, mostly an anti-inflammatory.
The authors conclude their study by noting that fitness-related injuries are rare and mild.
With such data, it should be possible to build a campaign of prevention and awareness among the general public. Improving safety in the halls, sedentary might be more inclined to regularly visit such sport…s

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