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Good Reasons to Drink Water While Dieting

By Byfitnessgym92
good reasons to drink water while dieting
good reasons to drink water while dieting
In a previous article I explained why it is important to drink water, it is the essential constituent of cells is about 80%. The body contains on average 65% of water is about 30 liters for a person who weighs 60 pounds.
Why is all the more interesting to drink water that makes a diet to lose weight?
Here are 4 reasons to make you want to drink water during your diet if you have trouble.
   1-Drinking water is zero calories
No risk of gaining weight with water. It is not the same if you drink sugary drinks.
In fact, the water is not treated as a contribution by the energy body.
   2-Drink water gives a feeling of satiety
When following a diet, even though as I said it is not the quantity but the quality of what you eat that matters, there is often a feeling of hunger.
Water filling the stomach gives the brain as a satiety signal which the body is full. Of course it does not last long but it helps to keep and motivate.
If you drink 15 to 20 minutes before the meal we eat less because satiety is reached faster.
   3 To burn the calories it needs water
The reactions using food to produce energy in our cells (metabolism) need water to function.
No need to be afraid of excess, it will be eliminated by the kidneys in hours.
 4-When dieting, liver, kidney, intestine and circulatory system need even more water
During a diet, the body is forced to burn fat. It also produces toxic elements that are often stored in adipose tissue. These are the kidneys and liver are involved to eliminate these toxins and for that they need water.
A lack of water in the intestines will produce constipation which hinders the movement of food along the tube and eliminating what is not used.
The circulatory system, which circulates the blood consists essentially of water.
For digested food and toxins can be routed properly must enough water.
It is therefore important to drink water at all times and especially during dieting.
Come and tell us if the water gives you a temporary feeling of fullness and how you feel when you do not drink enough water.
good reasons to drink water while dieting

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