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Fitness – Training for The Great North

By Beautybykaris @beautybykaris


Hey There,

If I haven’t told you before, Ben’s family are fitness fanatics. If its not Ben with his power-lifting, or his Brother with his Triathlons, its his parents who are just as in to their running and cycling. (They are a family, who will make you feel very unfit). Barely stepping in to the gym before I met Ben, I have now found myself enjoying a more healthy lifestyle, being more active with the gym and being signed up to things like the Great North run with his mum, (Who does a 12 mile run for fun on a Sunday).

The last 4 years I have been joining in at local 10k running events, and charity runs like the ‘Race for Life’, which I completed on Saturday, (Still time to Sponsor me). Last year I ran the Great South run, which was 10 miles, it felt like such an achievement, but at the same time, my legs felt like they were going to fall off, (And I actually trained well for that run). It may not seem like a lot of miles to experienced runners, but to me, it was a hell of a lot. And now I’m getting ready for a 13 mile event, (Panic is setting in).

Having a personal trainer boyfriend, who is also a qualified nutritionist, you would think I would be at the top of my game. I listen a lot to what he has to say, he gives me programmes, diet tips and all sorts, but for some reason this year I’m just not taking it on board! I have known about the half marathon for a few months, and even the 10k Race for Life, yet my training and motivation has been very poor. With less than 7 weeks to go, I need to sort it out, (Big time).

When I first signed up to this years ‘Race for Life’ my plan was to run it under an hour, and hit a PB. I went the opposite way, and ran it slower, (Only myself to blame). I thought my competitive streak would come out, but it was nowhere to be found. I even said to my friend, ‘shall we walk at 5k’, how bas is that? Bet any runners reading this will be shaking their heads at me, in disappointment *Sad face*. 

Anyway, looking back at my run, has made me realize I need to do something. I’m always finding excuses at the moment, or thinking ‘I’m too busy’, I call it runners block. If you have any tips to get out of this than let me know? – Although, all I think I need to do is man up and get out there.

So to start me back on track, I’ve been reading back through my runners world magazines, (Ben’s parents kindly subscribed me to as a Christmas present), and writing myself up a training programme, which should see me out 4 times a week, (That is doable right?). So this weekend, I shall be running 4 miles on Saturday, and 5 on Sunday. I’ve just got to think, in less than 7 weeks I’m going to be doing double that and more *Scared face*.

To keep me motivated I shall be posting regularly about my runs, hopefully then I will feel guilty as all my readers will know if I haven’t done it, and it helps me keep track then to.

Have you signed up to any events this year?

Have a lovely day all.

Lots of love,



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