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Fitness Studio for Women

By Byfitnessgym92
Fitness Studio for Women
 Fitness Studio for Women
IronFlower Fitness is an amazing fitness studio for women that just opened on Biscayne Blvd in Miami. This sassy sexy place invites you to indulge in their unique, chic, designer gym, which is a one of a kind- all in one stylish place that offers fantastic and unique fitness classes along with a great place to be pampered. Here all the paths towards healthy and fit life can be explored in a comfortable atmosphere that caters to only females. It serves ladies with Salsa Lessons and it’s the first Ladies Only, chic, fitness studio, dance studio, social club, and spa.
Pilates is a form of exercise, developed by Joseph Pilates, which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement. IronFlower Fitness is proud to align with the best instructors Miami has to offer for its customers to serve their needs. Whether you're an absolute beginner or experienced dancer, our top-notch instructors will take you to any desired level you wish to reach. Be prepared to laugh, make friends, and perfect your technique, while focusing on timing, fundamentals, styling, techniques, and proper etiquettes. Private lessons and dance packages are also available with Ironflower Fitness. Ironflower is the fitness center that offers Dance Classes including Pole Dance, Pilates and Salsa Lessons. Our Vinyasa Iron Flower Yoga Miami Class is characterized by flowing poses that are linked to the breath guiding you through a deep, personal exploration into a loving, intimate relationship with your body, mind and soul. Vinyasa will take you to a new level of strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, and stamina and body awareness by incorporating a variety of dynamic flows, static holds, inversions and core conditioning. If you want that long lean look, then our Mat Pilates in Miami by Iron Flower Fitness class is for you. Our studio staff, and fun filled classes have been designed to make sure you meet your fitness goals, while forgetting how hard you are working to attain them. You can pay for a single class, buy a package of classes or become an unlimited member, you choose the option that most suits you. So if you are in town for just a day or two or here all year long, Ironflower caters perfectly to you.
If you are having a birthday or bachelorette party or simply just girls get together, this is the place to have it! You and your girlfriends can enjoy a dance or fitness class of your choice to suit your mood and follow it up with some yummy Mani, pedi’s and massages. Your party will be the talk of the town and you will have photos to prove it. IronFlower has created the perfect designer location, filled with chic interior decoration and crystal chandeliers, where you can get fit and be beautified all in one day!

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