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Fitness Friday #5 Calorie Counting?

By Yougottabegorgeousx @yougottabgorgex

Fitness Friday #5 Calorie Counting?


First things first do any of you guys calorie count? I have done it a bit before and I have downloaded My Fitness Pal before and deleted it... That cycle goes on with me all the time. So yesterday I decided to re install My Fitness Pal and yesterday I ate really healthy, today did not go so well, I was sent home ill so you know... I like calorie counting because it really does make me more aware of what I'm eating. I also like My Fitness Pal because it doesn't just say how many calories but it shows fats and all that jazz.
But there is a bad side to calorie counting, it can make some people become slightly obsessed with checking foods. And because it is an app you will always have it with you and you can always be updating and checking what you are eating. Which is not really healthy because no one needs to be living like that. Ain't nobody got time for that.
Anyway what do you think of calorie counting, have you tried it? Does it work? Would you like to try it?
Allie x
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