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Fitness|| FRAME Studios – Move Your Frame

By Clo Hutch @lashesoflife

Everybody should exercise...move their frames, right? But I always say, you should do the things you enjoy. Otherwise it seems like a boring, hurt-y thing you have to do. As though you're using valuable time to do the mundane. And if you feel like this, you won't push yourself as hard. I've always loved a fitness class over doing my own thing at the gym. When Katy suggested we try FRAME, so she could get back into fitness I couldn't resist. Especially as they aim to put variety in working out, and try to make it not feel like a chore!

FRAME has six locations across London, all offering multiple studios and a variety of classes from Pilates and Yoga, to Boxfit, Rebounding and Ass & Abs.

Fitness|| FRAME studios – Move your frame

We've tried both the Kings Cross and Farringdon spots, and whilst they have the same overall look, feel and concept they differ slightly. The Kings Cross spot has a chilled bench-style seating area for before or after classes, whilst the Farringdon location has a relaxation and meditation room complete with a swing chair, bean bags and benches. It's SO cool. You could easily spend more time here around classes and feel part of a community.

Fitness|| FRAME studios – Move your frame

The changing rooms are pretty great too. When we've visited, they've felt spacious enough for the number of people attending classes, the showers are good and stocked with shower gel and shampoo, and they have hairdryers and straighteners around the room too!

Fitness|| FRAME studios – Move your frame

Staff are friendly and helpful at both location which is fab when you're newbies. They showed us around, let us know where everything was and how to use the lockers - you don't need padlocks/change! We didn't feel nervous about getting sorted before class at all.

The instructors we've had so far have been awesome too..

We've had four different instructors so far. Each one has had a great presence across the room, been really motivational and good at keeping an eye out to make sure we're all doing 'it' right.

The classes themselves have been varied. We obviously have our favourites.

Rebounding taking the top spot. It's a workout on a little trampete, and instead of jumping up, you're constantly pushing your heels down. It's a calf killer for sure. The instructor takes you through a range of routines to tracks, including the likes of knees to elbows, V-steps, jacks and other aerobic moves. There's also a core section, which is less bouncy and involves getting down on the trampete. It's super fun and we've been a few times already as we're hooked.

We all know I love boxing so I HAD to try the Boxfit. It's way more cardio based than kickboxing, and involves wearing slightly weighted gloves. There's lots of jumping and squatting, punches (into the air/space), and sequences focused on boxing moves. It's another fun one and a great all over body workout - the punches do tire your shoulders out!

Fitness|| FRAME studios – Move your frame

Ass & Abs is another fab class. It's more intense and less cardio-based. The workout involves ankle weights, resistance bands and a mat, and various moves like squats, lunges, glute bridges and pony kick. It's a killer workout and we always come out feeling like jelly. If you're just getting back into exercise, you can always drop the weights and just do what you can - remember it's your workout, and if you're pushing yourself as much as you can, that's what it's about.

If you're looking for an upbeat dance-style workout, the 80s aerobics is fun. It does what it says on the tin, but we definitely came out more sweaty than we thought. There's a little mat work too, including a focus on abs, so it does give an all over workout.

There are quite a few more classes I'd like to try out when I get a free weekend, but we're pretty addicted to how fun rebounding is, and tend to go early week about the same time so tend to keep heading back to the same class.

Fitness|| FRAME studios – Move your frame


  • Price: Classes are priced at £15 for a 45min class (there are some shorter classes at cheaper prices too). They often do offers - we started on a 2 classes for £20 pack so keep an eye out for those. But FRAME also offers a loyalty card, which if you top-up then you can get classes at a slightly cheaper rate - £12 for a 45min class which is pretty reasonable.
  • Fun/serious: Classes vary, but the ones we've tried have been fun. And I love that there's so much variety
  • Level: suitable for all. You push yourself as much as you want and do what you can do
  • Recommend? Yes! There's so much variety, the staff are super friendly and it's really fun.
  • How to book: Visit the website, set up an account and check out the membership options. The loyalty card really is a good option!

We love booking a class in as a way to make sure we catch-up too! Plus for only £12, that's a pretty cheap night out 😉

What's your favourite way to exercise right now?

Chloe xx

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