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Fitflop Due Canvas Supernavy

By Newwithhashtags @NewWithHashtags
Review of: Fitflop Due Canvas Supernavy

Reviewed by: newwithhashtags
On January 16, 2014Last modified:January 13, 2014


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I’ve had numerous pairs of Fitflops in the past with varying levels of success. I really liked that these shoes are suitable to wear at work, and they look less clumpy than other styles. However after this pair I won’t be buying another pair of Fitflops, ever.

When I first tried these shoes on they felt comfortable, if not a little tight. I instantly stood up taller because of their Fitflop technology which helps to improve your posture, and the squidgy sole makes walking pleasant as it adds a spring to your step. I liked the little height boost they gave me, plus I thought they looked nice. They go with a range of different outfits too because they are less clunky than some other Fitflop shoes.

Although they look nice, I noticed that as the day went on the shoes rubbed my little toes and the back of my ankles so much that the skin was removed. This was after I ‘broke them in’ by walking around my home with them on for a couple of days. I even used a hairdryer to softer and loosen the leather (top tip!) to ensure they didn’t rub, but obviously to no avail.

I have wide feet so this might be why I didn’t get on with these pump-style shoes, but I have tried lots of FitFlop shoes before and never had so much of a problem with any of the others. It almost seemed like I was wearing a size too small, which wouldn’t surprise me seeing as Fitflip’s quality control is appalling. From past experience I’ve tried multiple pairs of the same style of shoe in the same size and found them all to fit differently, but I bought the Due Canvas pumps online which was a huge mistake.

I also noticed that when I walked my feet made funny noises in the shoes which was embarrassing. As such I’m not sure I would recommend these shoes to anyone else.

A good point though is that Fitflop gave me a full refund, despite me having worn these outside, which was decent of them. These shoes were originally £75 but I got them half price at £37.50, which is still a lot of money to waste on shoes I didn’t plan on wearing again.

Fitflop Due Canvas Supernavy

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