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First Impression: Covergirl NatureLuxe Foundation

By Beauteandtheblog
Happy Saturday! It's a beautiful day out for me today, albeit a little windy and cold, but still sunny.
Today I'm trying out the new Covergirl Natureluxe Foundation from a sample I received. (Unfortunately the sample's not available anymore :( Sorry :( )
And this is just my first impression of the foundation.
Here's what the sample looks like in case anyone's interested.
First Impression: Covergirl NatureLuxe FoundationTaylor Swift looking gorgeous as always on the front.
First Impression: Covergirl NatureLuxe Foundation
The sample comes with two small packets (1ml each) in two shades. I got the shades Maple and Aspen, though I don't remember actually picking shades when I signed up for this.
First Impression: Covergirl NatureLuxe FoundationFirst Impression: Covergirl NatureLuxe Foundation
First Impression: Covergirl NatureLuxe Foundation
It claims "a lightweight feel that even the $180 makeup can't beat." who's ever tried a $180 foundation before? Not too many, I'm guessing. So how are we supposed to know if Covergirl's got it beat?
So far, I am actually liking this foundation. I didn't think I would, since I don't usually like Covergirl products. But this one surprised me. 
Here's what it says:Redefine natural beauty with our lightweight silk foundation. With a touch of cucumber water and a hint of jojoba and rose hip extracts, our light yet luxurious formula takes heavy weight out of your polished finish.I can't really feel it on my skin, so I think it actually lives up to the lightweight claim. My skin is on the oilier/combination side, and so far this foundation has been holding up well. I've worn it for about 4 hours or so, set with a powder, and still looks pretty fresh. I haven't really done much today other than run some errands though. 
Maple actually turned out to be a pretty close match to my skin, and it blends in like a dream. But, the coverage is rather light, so I still needed a concealer for spots, scars, and undereye. 
This foundation has a refreshing cucumber scent that's actually quite pleasant. I'm a little worried about having scented things on my face, but so far it hasn't irritated my skin.
The formula is oil-free, paraben free, has an SPF 10, and it comes in 14 delightful shades:
First Impression: Covergirl NatureLuxe Foundation
So who would I recommend this for?People with Dry/Normal Skin will probably find this foundation rather moisturizingPeople who don't need a lot of CoveragePeople who like cream foundations
Would I purchase it? I would, if I weren't swamped with a whole bunch of other foundations already lol. I don't really need another, but this one was fun to try nonetheless. I don't love it enough to go out and buy it right now, but maybe in the future.
You can purchase this at just about any drugstore for about $9-$12. 
Let me know what you think of this foundation. Love it? Hate it? Comment below!
Sunny days and new foundations,Belle

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