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Fireproven – Omnipresence EP

Posted on the 14 April 2015 by Metal Wind @MetalWind1


Hello Metalheads! I bring you today a great Finnish Progressive Metal band called Fireproven with a high recommend sound that you should not miss.

Fireproven is a five-piece metal band formed in 2008 by brothers Juha Väätämöinen (bass and growling vocals) and Janne Väätämöinen (guitar and clean vocals) with brothers Nuutti Hannula on drums, Ilari Hannula on keyboards and Teppo Laurio (DJ and Fx).

The particular universe of Fireproven is full of progressive sounds, extreme metal tunes, alterning brutal voices with melodic and clean vocals parts, as well as surrounding keyboards and different sound effects that given as result a fantastic experimental metal sound with high intensity that makes Fireproven a great musical brand.

These guys released in 2011 their first self-recorded EP, entitled “Fireproven”, which contains three tracks that shows us a band with high potential as musicians, with no boundaries and opened musical mind to offer us a amazing metal sound experience. “The Ouroboros Cycle” with an atmospheric sound, “Ghost In The Machine” with its groove sound and “Silent Burnings” with a very cool keyboards makes this first recording an interesting piece from these Finnish Metallers.

In 2013, Fireproven come back with a new EP entitled “Omnipresence”, which in my opinion is a great Metal Masterpiece with three tracks that have left me wanting more. I think this is an amazing recording brutal and intense, filled with many nuances which offers us a Progressive Metal highly recommended. The EP’s esoteric concept is musically and lyrically based on soul’s path from death to the afterlife.

First track, the fantastic “New Born Truth”, deploys pure energy from the beginning with a great agressiveness and cool melodic passages with a surrounding sound, that creates a particular atmosphere with high intensity, very present in all the Fireproven universe, that along with the suggestive esoteric lyrics throuth all the tracks on this recording.

“As Above, So Below”, second track on the EP, is another great song in the EP, which I like so much and I decided to made a promotional video lyrics of this track that you can enjoy by clicking the following link.

FIREPROVEN – As Above, So Below (VIDEO)
by MetalWind

“18 Hells”, the final track of “Omnipresence” EP, is absolutely a torrent of sensations, what a Metal Masterpiece woow!!! It’s simply amazing, with three parts along this track, the suggestive instrumental “Samsara Waves”, “The Vision” with a powerful brutality and intense atmosphere with cool melodic passages and the culmination “Omnipresence”, makes this song, in my opinion, becomes a masterpiece of Progressive Metal, undoubtedly!!

Definitely, Fireproven is a fantastic Progressive Metal band that you should listen and “Omnipresence” EP is really a jewel to which I invite you to pay attention, discover “Omnipresence”, enjoy it and leave your comments!!

I send greetings to my friend Janne Väätämöinen and Fireproven band, amazing job, guys!! Hope to hear soon a new Fireproven’s full-lenght album!! Cheers!

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