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Fi.R Cosmetics-Pigments

By Stephanie1 @NewBeautyReview
Pigments are one of my favorite makeup items. They're versatile, as you can use them dry or wet for a more intense look. Also, most are diverse enough that you can mix them in your glosses & even nail polishes. It's fair to say they serve their purpose in the Makeup world.
I first learned about Fi.R Cosmetics' mineral pigments through twitter. As I've said before, I've never been a fan of mineral products but I had to make an exception for these.
The company is a little more than a year old with it's base being in Tampa, FL.
Fifi Rodriguez, the founder, is a triple threat! She's a seasoned Makeup Artist who has both Nail Tech & Esthetics licenses so naturally, having her own business seemed like the next step.
ALL matte & shimmer pigments are custom blended and Chemical/Cruelty Free. Love it! They can be used as eyeliners as well, making them more valuable.
The word Fi.R stands for her name, Fifi R. & for "FIERCE," which I think is brilliant! It's fun, flirty & catchy- everything you look for in a colorful brand. It's also cute because I say fierce, often. You'll see ;-)
Pigments are $10 each but there are bundle options where you can get 5 for $40 or 3 for $25. Again, awesome!
Fifi is as gracious as she is generous and sent me 4 pigments to try.
I swatched them out dry and then wet so you can see how intense they get.
Chrome (Shimmer)
Fi.R Cosmetics-Pigments
Bronze (Shimmer)
Fi.R Cosmetics-Pigments
Onyx (Matte)
Fi.R Cosmetics-Pigments
Champagne (Shimmer)
Fi.R Cosmetics-Pigments
By the way.... Onyx is SO intense I had to give it an extra scrub for it to come off. It's no joke!
I hope the pics do these sparkly gems justice because they're so deep. I will put them all to good use, one way or another ;-)
I looked through the entire line and I have my eyes on these next:
Pink Panther 
Fi.R Cosmetics-Pigments
Retro Collection
Fi.R Cosmetics-Pigments
Jazzy Jewel
Fi.R Cosmetics-Pigments
Midnight Sparkle
Fi.R Cosmetics-Pigments
Blood Diamond
Fi.R Cosmetics-Pigments
Neon Red
Fi.R Cosmetics-Pigments
Contact info:
Twitter-  @FiRCosmetics
Email- [email protected]
Keep it pretty!

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