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Findation Foundation Colour Match Database

By Clickyourheels @redrubyheels
Findation Foundation Colour Match DatabaseLast week I was informed about a great new concept created by Kate the founder of Adore Beauty. Findation is a database that helps users find their best match in any brand of foundation, based on the shades and brands they are currently using.
I am sure many of you have tried to purchase foundation online and found trying to color match yourself to Google image swatches or reviews on other blogs a difficult task. This is where Findation can help. The site uses an algorithm to figure out what colours are similar, across different brands and products and then recommend you the perfect color.
At present the site is still in Beta format which means it is still in the developmental stage. The site doesn't have enough data to recommend you the perfect foundation color just from one data input. You can help this process by entering ALL the foundation shades that are a good match for your skin.
Here are some tips for getting the best results:
  • Only enter colours that are a good match for your skin.
  •  Don’t guess, if you can’t remember exactly which color you used. Go check the packaging just to make sure!
  • If you’ve worn two different shades in the same foundation before (e.g. one in summer and another in winter), just enter the one that is the best match for your skin for most of the year.
  • If you only enter your matches in sheer coverage foundations or tinted moisturisers, the site may not be able to give you a perfect match in a full coverage foundation.
I think this is a great initiative which will be able to help us in choosing the correct color match when purchasing a new foundation online. So jump on an give this a go!

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