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Finally Find a Motel (back Near the Expressway), Go to Ca...

By Myfilmproject09

Finally find a motel (back near the expressway), go to cafes that are closed. Cafes close at 8 pm here strange our. Find a place that closes at 9pm - salad bar looks like it was attacked by barbarians, have a meatloaf special, with the last piece of meatlow, friend older waitress. Two other people in the place - now I know why they close so early. Everybody eats at home in these towns. Wednesday, travel through music man town too other people, where I buy a pillow for my back in a small mall. Sunny, cool day.
Forest City - Winnibgo plant. In a group of about ten shunted around the house plant. In the nearly-built showroom I see diehard recvec people. Talking about and features. Some were disappointed and couldn't see there favorite model. A movie shows how the guy build his industry in his small town. And how he developed the Winnebego, how Americans have the freedom of the road God-given right to have the freedom to travel. Wonder about the right of the guy in the car, trailing a convoy of winnies or trailers, going 10 miles an hour when, after all he's got the freedom to do fifty-five an hour, after all, he's got the freedom to do so.
No road trip of place, tour guide, question about glue small and plastic and description of place, tour guide and plastics. Talk about. Talk about connection between cars and their big brothers, the rec vec. No road trip is complete with out your favorite music on cassette tapes. I'm still not into CD's. but prefer my own precorded cassettes. There is traveling music and there isn't. Bob Seger, Eagles, some Jefferson Airplane, John Cougar Mellamp. A great song is Emmy Lou Harris' version of Towns Van Zant's Pancho and Lefty. Music, like any art, should, should make you think, remember, feel. Music that doesn't do that is a waste of time. March 22, 4;10pm cross into Minnesota. A note about my choice directions  - entirely be feel I want to go north, I do, if I want to. I do, if I want to see a particular hill or lake or town, I drive that way. I love this.

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