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Feeling Overwhelmed, Maybe Share Some Goals With Me?

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Good morning Beautiful,Lately I’ve been feeling super overwhelmed with work. I hate to admit it because I like to be the person that everyone can depend on, I can’t say no to co-workers or companies I do the administration for, and it’s definitely catching up to me. Today alone I’ve sent 106 emails. Seriously, in less than 8 hours, over 100 emails. That’s 13.25 emails per hour, which is about 1 email every 4.5 minutes. Plus the actual work I have to do behind the emails, plus my own work that needs to get done. I don’t have enough time in the day to do everything! It’s really starting to be frustrating and draining.So realistically, I have no other option than to work from home when I can. Every time I do work from home, I usually get asked by someone “Why are you working at 7:45 on a week night?!”, well because no one else is working therefore I can actually catch up on emails and get stuff done. Every year each of the companies I look after have their “Annual Renewal” with GoodLife, which can be either the 1st of the 15th of any given month. For September 1, I have to do a renewal package for 26 different people to make sure their memberships get renewed. It’s A LOT to pull up every single member they have (they could have anywhere from 10 to over a thousand different members) plus draft up an annual agreement for them to sign. I ended up doing my August 15th ones from home on the weekend, so I think I’m going to have to suck it up and take 3-4 hours on Saturday to do these renewals. I’m also writing now so that I can go home after volleyball tonight and catch up on emails. Isn’t it strange that the higher the rank you have in a company, the less “work” you actually have to do? I’m the lowest on the totem pole, therefore I have a lot of work. Bah!The reason I love doing what I do is because we promote wellness in the workplace, which I’ve come to learn 1000% counts in the productivity of employees. Every single day of the week, I need to take a 1-hour break and get some sort of physical exercise in or my mind just falls down dead. Seriously. I used to go tanning on my lunch (I KNOW, tanning is bad for you…… don’t judge) and also have myself a fun little 20 minute nap. Well when I got back to work, I’d be so out of it, I couldn’t focus, it just wasn’t worth it. It wasn’t until I started running that I knew I had to start working out at lunch because I had no other time during my day to lift weights, or go running if I had plans after work. I noticed that my mid-day workout completely woke me up, and got my head back in the game for work. Sure – I had like 20 new emails waiting for me when I got back, but I am able to plow through them because my mind is so clear. I also enjoy the mid-day workout because I get to go home after work and do NOTHING. I don’t have to commit to going to the gym once I get home because I’ve already been there, done that. Nothing is more satisfying to me than going home, putting Dr. Phil on in the bedroom and lying in bed for an hour before I start to cook dinner. I think this is also why people enjoy working out first thing in the morning. I’ve tried to get into the morning workout, but I just can’t do it. I have NO motivation to get out of bed any earlier than need be, and I need to wake up and do stuff before I even think about lifting weights. I’d probably drop them on me while half asleep. Major kudos to those of you who do workout first thing in the morning, I seriously envy that. Keep up the good work!Today was a fun workout. I went upstairs to the gym and ran into a trainer that I know. He asked what I was working on today, I said “Hey Chris – Legs!” he said “Want to do TRX?”, I said “right now?” he said “yes!” and I said “ok!” then he said “go upstairs and warm up for 5 minutes and I’ll be up when you’re done” and I said “ok!” and made my way upstairs. That’s basically how the whole encounter went down. So today I did a TRX workout for the first time! It was super fun and I’ve been meaning to try it for a long time now. They’re trying to promote it at my current gym because so many trainers are certified to teach it now, so they’re doing demo classes. I sweat a ton during the workout, but again, I didn’t have the “oh my god I can’t walk down the stairs because my legs are going to give out” type feeling that I have been enjoying lately. We did a lot of different exercises, so I’ll see what I can remember… For those who don’t know what TRX is, it’s a suspension training system, so it’s attached way above you, and there’s two handles that you workout on, using body weight. Google it, I can’t explain it well.

Feeling Overwhelmed, Maybe Share Some Goals With Me?

This is a TRX set up!

Chest press, 15 reps
Row, 15 reps
Squats, 15 reps
1-legged Squats, 15 legs (HARD!)
Hamstring curls, 15 reps
Tricep extension, 15 reps
Bicep curl, 15 reps
Lunges, 15 reps
1-legged Lunges, 15 reps
Plank on forearms, 3 sets of 10seconds
Plank on hands, 3 sets of 10 seconds
TRX crunches, set of 5, set of 4, set of 3, set of 2, set of 1 (feet hanging in the air, I’m on my hands, I pull my knees to my stomach)
I think this is the majority of what we did... that I can remember at least.The thing with TRX is that depending on where you place your body it varies the level of difficulty. Also, I was playing around and did half of a real pull up! I’ve never gotten that close before in my life! I’m so going to try and do a whole one someday. I have my last night of 4’s in volleyball tonight too, so hopefully that equals some good calorie burning.I was writing in my food journal today and realized that I haven’t posted anything out of it for you in a while. Keep in mind, this journal has only been up until now, so it doesn’t include my dinner tonight.Breakfast
140g of brussel sprouts, 50 calories, 6.3 carbs
77g of carrots, 27 cals, 4 carbs
108g sausage, 248 cals, 2.8 carbs
2 hard-boiled eggs, 81 cals, 0.6 carbs
152g of chicken breast, 251 cals, 0 carbs
144g cucumber, 22 cals, 4.5 carbs
73g tomato, 13 cals, 2 carbs
80g red cabbage, 19 cals, 2.6 carbs
30ml salad dressing (organic honey mustard), 100 cals, 7 carbs
Post Workout
1 scoop of protein powder with water, 120 cals, 4 carbs
Rest of the cabbage I brought for lunch, I didn’t weigh it.
I'm being super committed to my diet this week because I have a photoshoot on Monday with the wonderfully talented Tara Noelle from (or you can click her photo on the right hand side of my blog to be taken there directly). I've worked with her before and she's so much fun to work with. PLUS this time she is bringing a makeup artist to do my face. Seriously... I feel so intense, I need to start working on faces and poses in the mirror. Just kidding... I usually show up and do as the photographer says... Anyways, today we were messaging back and forth and she suggested that I do a post after our photoshoot of some behind the scenes stuff, and I think it's a great idea! So stay tuned for that.....Also, I’ve been thinking about my goals so far, and I have some written down, but I need to do some revising before I post these for every single person I know to see (literally, my blog goes to my Facebook page… every. single. person. I know. is on my Facebook, well, probably.). Maybe if you shared some of your goals with me that would motivate me not to be so chicken and to just do it. Please? Pretty please?Stay sweet.
PS - for anyone interested, has given me a promo code to share with you all for 20% off of their really fun tshirts. Crossfitters should love these! They have designes on them that appear once you start sweating a lot! The promocode is "beastmode20".... get to it!

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