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Feeling Hot Hot Hot In Your Cold House

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn

Are you always complaining about being ridiculously cold in your new house? Do you always hear the same boring response of ‘We are trying to save heating bills’? Well here are some ways you can stop being a shivering snowman and also be on Mum and Dad’s good side too.

We all have our cold rushes don’t we? You’re lying if you don’t. But how can we get ourselves a lot warmer without having to step into the burning fire or cunningly trick your parents into changing the thermostat? Well instead of purchasing a whole host of warm clothes (It’s Summer guys honestly), why not ask your parents for thicker curtains or why not cover your walls with framed pictures, posters and even bookshelves? Yes you read a lot, yes these things can help insulate warmth and the big question still remains ‘Why oh why did your Mum and Dad place three big glass windows in your room’? No wonder it’s freezing but it’s nothing that a whole host of Jane Austen books and a life size Justin Bieber can’t deal with!

Is your new conservatory the coldest place in the house? Well if it’s relatively recently built, then that might be the answer. So how can we make it warmer without putting up big curtains and blinds restricting the sensational scenery that we can see outside the windows? Well as well as a fireplace, how about going the extra hog and installing underfloor heating. Mum and Dad will most definitely appreciate this new aspect of the room; showing it off flamboyantly to friends and family as well as the jealous nosey neighbours. You will appreciate it too when you come downstairs to watch your favorite TV programme without a warm coat, woolly hat and mittens. Furthermore don’t worry if you fancy a revamp of your new toy after a while, as you could always look out for extra underfloor heating spares to satisfy your personal needs.


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Yes you may be a moody teenager. Yes you may have got up late for school and didn’t make your bed or pack your lunch. However to ensure maximum sunlight input, you need to open your bedroom curtains and appreciate a whole new day. Don’t always trust your parents to do it! You need to be responsible too! Another thing to take into account is to close these same curtains as soon as darkness falls. This is to ensure all the sunlight you’ve let in throughout the day is retained indoors. As well as this, close any unused rooms in the house. This is not the start of a ghost story don’t worry. There’s no murders by Miss Scarlett with the candlestick here. It’s just to keep the warm air circulating round an enclosed space and not being set free. You have to make this a daily habit. You as a family will all start to feel warmer inside and those everlasting colds you regularly had will be forgotten memories in the past.

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